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Pre-Training Camp NFL Rushing Touchdown Odds

When the quarterback can’t find a way to get into the endzone because of good pass defense, pressure from the defensive line, and not being able to get the ball off in time, he will most likely turn to a skilled running back to finish the job. Most of the teams in the NFL nowadays have a quarterback who can run and throw well. Even though the skilled quarterbacks are out there, it is nice to have an explosive, jukester, running back, who can get your team up the field with ease, and sometimes even rush all the way down for a touchdown. These guys makes the qb’s job a little easier to set up plays, when they know how to find the holes in the defense and somehow do it in a twitch like fashion. Most of the best teams in the NFL have the awesome quarterback and running back duo going, and Todd Gurley, Chris Carson, and Jordan Howard, will have a solid impact for their teams again.

Todd Gurley

Gurley was a big part of why the Rams turned into such a great team. He has led the NFL in rushing touchdowns the past two seasons and had an extremely high total of 17 last year. He was third in total yards and averaged 4.89 yards per carry. This guy is a machine and can make something out of nothing many times in a drive up the field. He is one of the toughest guys stop on the field and that makes his skillset even more impressive.

Chris Carson

Carson had an out of nowhere awesome season for the Seattle Seahawks. With a quarterback like Russell Wilson wanting to run sometimes, it’s interesting that Carson was able to put up great numbers, with some of the best running backs in the league. The Seahawks are known for their defense and arm of Wilson. The last few seasons they didn’t have much going for them in the rushing game, but now, Carson has become a hidden talent. He finished with 9 rushing touchdowns last season and over 1,000 rushing yards. Look for him to be in the 10’s in rushing touchdowns and get more carries with the ball.

Jordan Howard

Howard might be a potential dark horse pick in the 2019 season. The Chicago Bears had an amazing 2018 season, mostly thanks to their defense. However, Howard still finished in the top 10 among rushing touchdowns with 9 of them. He doesn’t average as many yards per game as some of the top rushers in the game, but maybe that will change next season. Howard is with the Philadelphia Eagles now and they could use his legs more. You never know what to expect from the Eagles and Howard will make them more a force on offense, when things can get a little weird sometimes in Philly.