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Predicting the Seasons of Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham JR

Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham JR.

NFL Season 2019-20

Over Under Catches Brown 95.5 Beckham 89.5
Over Under Yards Brown 1100.5 Beckham 1150
Over Under TDs Brown 9 Beckham 9

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Antonio Brown was traded to the Oakland Raiders from the Pittsburgh Steelers this offseason leaving the only team he has played for in his 9 year NFL career. He will have to adjust to a new quarterback, a new head coach and a new offensive system that is still trying to discover its identity especially with some key departures. Derek Carr seems far removed from his 2015 and 2016 campaigns. While his completion percentage of 68.9 for 2018 is higher than Ben Roethlisburger’s 67.0.

Carr’s is behind in most other categories including completions 381 to 452, yards 4049 to 5129 and touchdowns 19 to 34. Something else to consider is Carr’s recent struggles with deep ball accuracy where Brown makes a lot of his impact on games. Not to be forgotten is Brown’s considerable yards after catch average where he ranked 3rd last season among receivers . With the departure of Amari Cooper and TE Jared Cook who had 101 targets in 2018, Brown looks to be the main target for Carr in 2019. The lack of a consistent running game points to Oakland focusing more on passing. There are some cons to consider.

Until another receiving threat emerges, defenses will look to double Brown or at minimum have a safety spy at all times therefore limiting his targets, receptions and yards after catch. The lack of running game will also hurt the passing game with defenses being able to drop more into coverage not having to devote extra players to stop the run. Until Oakland figures out their identity on offense, touchdowns could be hard to come by for Brown and the entire team as a whole. They found themselves with no touchdowns scored in 4 games in 2018. With multiple offensive issues to fix and Brown needing to adjust to a new quarterback he could see a drop in the stats he has become accustomed to with his years in Pittsburgh.

Odell Beckham Jr. was also traded to a new team after playing all of his 5 NFL seasons with the New York Giants. He too will have to adjust to a new quarterback, new coach and new system. The Browns unlike Oakland, do not have a returning coach but most of their offensive weapons are returning including a strong running game headed by Nick Chubb and Beckham’s old college teammate at LSU, wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Beckham’s new quarterback is Baker Mayfield who will look to build on a solid rookie campaign. When comparing Mayfield to Eli Manning, the former has more Tds 27 to 21 and a higher yards per completion. Mayfield did not get the starting role until later in the season which explains his lower yards and completion totals.

Odell Beckham should benefit greatly from a mobile quarterback like Mayfield who will provide extra completion and touchdown opportunities with his ability to move within the pocket and extend plays out of the pocket. Eli Manning was never much of a mobile QB and his age has really begun showing the last few seasons. This was reflected in Beckham totaling career lows in many categories the last few season coupled with his injuries. With a very bad offensive line Eli Manning was forced to take a sack or threw the ball away a lot in 2018 limiting OBJs opportunities. Baker Mayfield and good offensive line should remedy many of these issues.

The Giants’ drafting of Saquan Barkley also took away from the passing game. While the Browns running game is also strong it looks to be much more balanced attack in Cleveland. With so many playmakers on offense the issue of “too many mouths to feed” arises. OBJ may have trouble reaching his expected stats with receivers like Landry and Antonio Calloway also getting a large amount of targets. Nick Chubb and an expected return from suspension later in the season from new addition Kareem Hunt is expected to be one of the better running games in the NFL. There is a bright side however.

With so many weapons at receiver and running back, Odell Beckham can expect to see less double teams and defenses also concentrating on stopping the run. This should in turn allow for more targets and yards. Touchdowns will be harder to come by however with so many options. With a strong offensive line, Mayfield’s higher per completion yardage and other receivers to draw attention away, Beckham looks to have a strong season.

Both players have not been without controversy in their NFL careers. Brown has been known to clash with Ben Roethlisburger and causing unnecessary distractions for his team which was already dealing with the Leveon Bell absence. Odell Beckham on the other hand caused distractions with his over the top emotional outbursts, complaining of lack of targets and recent injuries. Beckham has kept quiet as of late while Brown can’t seem to stop bringing negative attention to himself on social media by speaking negatively about his old team and ex teammates, specifically JU-Ju Smith Shuster. It seems OBJ has definitely landed in a better place out of the two players and looks to have the better season overall.


Antonio Brown Under 95.5 receptions, Under 1100.5 yards, Under 9 Tds

Odell Beckham Over 89.5 receptions, Over 1150 yards, Under 9 Tds