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2019 Fantasy Football: Strength of Schedule Previews for all 32 NFL Teams

Ah I can smell it now, for many, when they think of "Football Sunday" they think of the smell of the fresh field, the sounds of plastic equipment smacking together when the athletes make full contact, and the views of some of the best athletes sprinting in open field making their way towards the end zone as the game winds down, second by second.

However, many often overlook the true talents that have their successes dependent on Football Sunday. The true genius minds, and heroes of the modern society... Fantasy Football players. See now, the true images come to your mind, the smell of the savory food they have either ordered or prepared, the sound of clicking mouses and keys, in dire attempt to replace their last minute scratch before the games begin and need someone to contribute a fluke touchdown, and the views of agony... setting in the eyes as the heroes of today watch in doubt as they left Taylor Gabriel on the bench while he scored two touchdowns on 104 yards and now they have to just sit and accept the fact that their starter will only scored 3.4 points.

We get it, the world, season, and days of Fantasy Football are incredible, but also can be very stressful, but there are ways to plan that can help improve your chances of success. One of those strategies is using small factors to help you pick players who are more likely to find success over the course of the season, so sit back...or lean forward, and we'll go through a team by team evaluation to see what squads have an easier path to finding offensive success this season.

Arizona Cardinals

Projected strength of schedule:
Run: 9th
Pass: 6th
First four projected strength of schedule:
Run: 18th
Pass: 10th

The Cardinals will look to new additions Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury to vamp up their offense and based on the rankings it looks like they'll have their work cut out for them.

Atlanta Falcons

Projected strength of schedule:
Run: 16th
Pass: 10th
First four projected strength of schedule:
Run: 25th
Pass: 30th

With Dirk Koetter hired as offensive coordinator, the Falcons will look to keep up their impressive offensive production.

Baltimore Ravens

Projected strength of schedule:
Run: 11th
Pass: 18th
First four projected strength of schedule:
Run: 14th
Pass: 20th

Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram will handle a bulk of the run game while hopes for Marquise Brown will dictate how the pass game looks this year in Baltimore.

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