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2019 NFL Individual Season Props: Predicting Offensive League Leaders.

As the NFL season fast approaches, the world of betters set their eyes on statistical leaders for football. Every year odds are set questioning who will lead the league, whether it's which quarterback will toss the most touchdowns, or which running back will lead the league in rushing yards. The odds are out and now is the time to decide, "When the season comes to an end, who is bound to sit atop the league leaders page?"

QB Passing Yards Leader

Player Odds
Patrick Mahomes II +450
Matt Ryan +500
Aaron Rodgers +800
Andrew Luck +800
Ben Roethlisberger +800

Prediction: Patrick Mahomes II, Kansas City Chiefs

When it comes to Patrick Mahomes II no one has set the league on fire quite like he did. Sure, as the season progressed we saw some regression but I believe that is a part of things to work on and work against rather than reason to expect more of the same. Mahomes was touted as a project when he entered the league, and while he did get one year to sit and had a phenomenal season, there are still things even he needs to improve on. If you ask me, I think it'd be crazy to bet on him not to. In season two, I expect Mahomes to continue to grow as a passer, making more presnap decisions, progressing reads better on more complex defenses and as he expands the small stuff, his skillset is unmatched. Tyreek Hill was just cleared from any punishment to be handed down so there is no concern on weapons, expect Mahomes and the Chiefs to come out firing again in 2019 and expect Mahomes to lead the league in passing yards when the season comes to an end.

QB Passing TDs Leader


Player Odds
Andrew Luck +450
Patrick Mahomes II +450
Matt Ryan +700
Aaron Rodgers +900
Baker Mayfield +1400

Prediction: Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

The Colts started last season 1-5, then went on a 9-1 run to make playoffs. The main reason behind that is Andrew Luck, who played phenomenal coming back from injury and guiding his team to playoffs. Now, I expect the Colts to come out roaring, with no slow start. Andrew Luck and TY Hilton put up marvelous numbers during their great win streak and now bring in weapons like rookie gadget player Parris Campbell, a healthy Jack Doyle, and Devin Funchess who could be in for a huge sleeper season, Andrew Luck will have people all over the field to throw to, his skillset, smarts, and Frank Reich's offensive system will result in plenty of scoring, while picking the top option is boring, I fully expect Luck to have a phenomenal year and contend for the MVP.

RB Rushing Yards Leader


Player Odds
Ezekiel Elliott +300
Saquon Barkley +450
Todd Gurley +1400
Derrick Henry +1400
Le'Veon Bell +1600

Prediction: Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliott is a star, and the Dallas Cowboys are fully aware. One of the few running backs still getting 300 carries a season, with a still very good run blocking line, and serviceable passing game to keep teams from stacking the box, the Cowboys will continue to feed Zeke, and he will likely continue to lead the league in rushing yards assuming they stay healthy. The Cowboys offense found much more life when Amari Cooper came into town, and now with a full season of an options and Jason Witten returning as a great run blocking tight end, expect Elliott to be off the races and to continue his trail of dominance.

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