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Seattle Seahawks 2019 Win Total Predictions

The Seattle Seahawks have been one of the most consistent football teams when it comes to success in the regular season. The Seahawks have made the playoffs six of the past seven seasons. During that span, Seattle has won at least 10 games and finished either first or second in the NFC West. In the 2018 season, Seattle scored the third most points in the NFC with 428 points. On defense, they were fourth in the NFC in giving up 347 points. Last season, they had a slow start and had a .500 record halfway through the season. The Seahawks were able to find their true identity in the second half of the year and end up with another 10 win season. The Seahawks win total prediction odds for the 2019 season are 8.5.

When looking at the 2019 schedule for Seattle, they have a pretty tough first half of the season and they might find themselves at .500 again. Some of the games that stand out are at Pittsburgh Steelers, at home against the New Orleans Saints, at home against the Los Angeles Rams, an on the road against the reloaded Cleveland Browns. They could easily lose all these games and they would still be fine. The only tough game in the second half of the season is at the Rams. One of the main problems with the Seahawks is that they play completely different on the road then they do at home. They had a few games on the road that were closer then they needed to be and its because sometimes either the offense or defense wasn’t clicking. If they can fix this problem, then maybe they will give the Rams a fight for the division title.

Look for the Seahawks to finish with a 10-6 record and be the first wild card again. Seattle has one of the best quarterbacks in Russell Wilson. Wilson passed for 3,448 yards, 35 touchdown passes, and a QB rating of 110.9. His 110.9 rating and 35 touchdown passes were career bests, and a big reason why Seattle turned their 2018 season around. On the ground last year, Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny, and Mike Davis rushed for 2100 yards. These guys weren’t able to finish the job in the endzone that much, but the numbers will be better because the Seahawks will have a more efficient offensive line. The only question with Seattle is how will the defense look? The last few seasons, the Legion of Boom days have slowly gone away and they will need to try to avoid those shootout type of games. Wilson will need help from the defense when he can’t get those insurance touchdowns late in the game.

Pick: Over 8.5 Wins