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So You Want to Go to the Super Bowl…

Super Bowl 53 Atlanta Georgia

This year, instead of staying home and watching the funny commercials from the comfort of your couch, you’ve decided to see the next Super Bowl live. That’s great and all and I applaud you for the change of pace, but are you ready for this life-defining endeavor? Are you prepared?Every victory requires a game plan and luckily for you, I’ve got the playbook.

Buy Your Tickets Now:

If you have any realization of how popular the Super Bowl is, you know that the tickets will be gone quickly. You need to be ready to order as soon as the tickets are on sale. You don’t have time to think about it and if you hesitate, the tickets will disappear. The Super Bowl ticket price will be expensive no matter which seats you pick, so take what’s available. Furthermore, don’t be surprised if they’re already sold out by the time you try and make a purchase; your dreams of attending the Super Bowl live might need to wait another year.


Get Your Gear Ready:

If it’s your favorite team going to the game, make sure your favorite jersey is clean and ready to be worn. If going with a big group of friends, consider ordering a batch of wholesale Gildan t shirts with everyone’s nicknames printed on the backs. These can be handy for keeping a large group together and prevent anyone from wandering off in the crowd.


Plan Your Means of Transportation:

Whether traveling by plane, train, automobile, or hot air balloon, you’ll want to make plans accordingly. This might mean informing your spouse you’ll need the minivan for the weekend, or making sure seats on a flight to the location of the Super Bowl are available. Don’t wait till the last minute to figure out transportation, as an inability to get to where you’re going will certainly drive a stake through your hopes of attending a Super Bowl game.


Motels are fairly simple. Walk in, ask for a room, and pay an exorbitant amount of money for each night. Things get trickier though if we’re talking about a group trip to the Super Bowl. Your typical room will consist of two beds, which means you have to decide who sleeps with whom or pack sleeping bags. You could always get another room, but that would cost even more money.

With hotels, there’s this thing called a “reservation”. Basically, you need to pay in advance for the thousandth time, but timing is everything. Hotels are more expensive than motels, but you do get a continental breakfast, probably.

Making Your Way to the Stadium:

You’ve had your breakfast and your group is crammed into the car that you rented(more money). Now you have the responsibility of getting everyone to the stadium in one piece. Remember that this is the Super Bowl, so expect traffic and lots of it. You may also come across drunks and tailgaters so be mindful of your surroundings at all times. With that said, plan out the best route. It won’t guarantee that you make it to the stadium faster, but it certainly can’t hurt.


Despite everything you may have been through on this trip, this will be the most challenging part of your trip. When you arrive, 95% of the free parking spaces will be taken and the other 5% will be fought over to the death. At this point, you have two options. Either join the fray and fight for your right to park like the modern day gladiator you are or pay to park in an area a few miles away from the stadium. Either option is respectable, but only one will guarantee that you won’t be put in jail.

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