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With Super Bowl LII still resonating, with the Philadelphia Eagles taking the win over the New England Patriots, we can only begin to prepare for next season. With the NFL Draft period over the and the start of preseason practice, we can begin to analyze who will be the contenders for Super Bowl LIII. The excitement of the 2018 NFL regular season is fast approaching so the question is, who will be the early favorites and who will fall by the wayside?

By using 5Dimes favorites to win this year, we have compiled a short list of favorites and sleepers for Super Bowl LIII. These may seem like no-brainer choices, but how can you blame us? With last season still casting a shadow, and the NFL Draft period still fresh in our minds, here are some of the predicted early favorites and sleepers for Super Bowl LIII.


Early Favorites

New England Patriots  +350

The New England Patriots are front-runners for Super Bowl LIII. With Tom Brady and Bill Belichick heading this team, and Brady’s plethora of talent that stands behind him, New England is an obvious choice as a front-runner for this year’s Super Bowl. With their sixth Super Bowl win being taken away last year by the Philadelphia Eagles, these guys are hungry for more. Now that TE Rob Gronkowski and WR Julian Edelman are back to full health, this team should have no problem making it to Super Bowl LIII.

Philadelphia Eagles  +850

With a Super Bowl win under their belt, this young team of highly talented individuals is likely to make it to the Super Bowl again this year. They have not had many changes when it comes to their roster, QB Carson Wentz is back at full health after missing half of last season, and with an easier schedule, you would think they would be ranked as first on this list. The reigning Super Bowl champs are not placed as first here because of their win. Their Super Bowl LII win will either make them or break them, we will have to watch as the season goes on.

Green Bay Packers  +800

Mike McCarthy has done an excellent job this off season trying to build a team to stand behind QB Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers odds of making it to the Superbowl are looking better than they did in the 2017 season after injuries hit the team hard. Although their schedule can be considered one of the toughest 2018 NFL schedules, with Rodgers back to full health, and an excellent off season, the odds of Green Bay making it to the Super Bowl this year is more likely than years past.

The Sleepers

New Orleans Saints  +1850

New Orleans had a great 2017 season, until their loss to the Minnesota Vikings in the playoffs. The Saints took this loss and went out to beef up their secondary by signing S Kurt Coleman and CB Patrick Robinson. Their draft picks have the team looking great. By drafting DE Marcus Davenport, TE Benjamin Watson, and WR Cameron Meredith they have chosen players that will be complementary to the veterans on the team. This is all well and good, but they have some serious work to get done with their 2018 schedule if they want to make it to the playoffs this year. With The Saints schedule being ranked as the 2nd hardest in the 2018 NFL season, it is unlikely that they will be making it to Super Bowl LIII.

Houston Texans  +1850

The 2017 season plagued the Texans with some serious injuries. With the rookie QB Deshaun Watson and DE J.J. Watt out, the Texans had a hard time competing. In the off season, Houston added many excellent additions to the OL including T Seantrel Henderson, G/C Zach Fulton, and drafted OL Martinas Rankin from Mississippi State. Although they have the easiest schedule in the 2018 NFL season, we are still going to see some serious competition in the division. If they are able to stay healthy, the Texans could rise up and become contenders as the season progresses.


Caitlin T
Caitlin T
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