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Super Bowl LIV-Special Prop Bets

The Super Bowl is upon us, and fans could not be more excited. The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest sporting event of the year, and fans will be tuned in for one reason or another. Whether it’s cheering for your favorite team, the commercials, or the game itself (as a fan of neither team), most of us will be tuned in. Then, there is also the bets.

This year’s Super Bowl ( Super Bowl LIV) is between the San Francisco 49ers (15-3) and the Kansas City Chiefs (14-4). Both teams made it to the big game after beating the Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans (respectively) in their NFL Conference Championship games. Now, we have a good matchup on our hands, as we gear up for Sunday.

At this moment, the Chiefs are the favorites with a spread of -1.5. With that being said, there are several prop bets that involve these teams and some that don’t. Let’s take a look at some of the prop bets of this year’s Super Bowl.

Of course, there are prop bets such as MVP Odds (Patrick Mahomes is the favorite with +115 odds), who will throw more touchdowns (Mahomes -200), and what player will score the first touchdown (Raheem Mostert +600). But what about other bets that play don’t directly affect the game? Well, let’s find out by starting off with a bet involving Demi Lovato and the National Anthem.

How Long Will It Take Demi Lovato To Sing The U.S. National Anthem?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Over 2 minutes, 4 seconds: -130

Under 2 minutes, 4 seconds: -110

Demi Lovato has sung the National Anthem on different occasions at sporting events. The last time she sang the anthem at a large event was during the McGregor-Mayweather fight in 2017. This performance was 2:12.

Last year’s National Anthem was sung by Gladys Knight, who sang for 1:49. The average length for the anthem during the Super Bowl is 1:57. With the 2:12 from the McGregor-Mayweather fight in mind, Lovato may go a bit over 2:04.

Over 2 minutes, 4 seconds, -130

How Many Times Will Eli Manning Be Mentioned?

Photo Courtesy of USA Today Sports

Over 1.5: -140

Under 1.5: +100

Last week, Eli Manning announced his retirement. After 16 seasons and two Super Bowls, Manning has called it a career. The Super Bowl is a big event, and the news is still somewhat fresh. Manning should be mentioned at least once during the game.

Under 1.5: +100

How Many Commercials Will Run During The Super Bowl?

Over: 92.5

Under: 92.5

Super Bowl commercials are a topic during and after the game. And, there are usually a lot of them (some good, some bad).

The Over/Under for the commercials is 92.5, and with last year’s featuring 91 commercials, this year’s amount could go slightly over.

Over 92.5

What Color Will The Gatorade Be That Gets Poured On The Winning Coach Of Super Bowl 54?

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Purple -130
Red +300
Lime/Green/Yellow +450
Orange +800
Clear/Water +800
Blue +1100

Pouring Gatorade on a head coach is something that has gone on for years. More than likely it will, but what color will it be? With this bet, I’m sticking with Purple.

Purple -130

How Many Songs Will Be Played During The Halftime Show?

Over 8: -160

Under 8: +120

This year’s Halftime Show features Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Both artists have careers that extend over 20 plus years. I am not sure how they’ll be splitting the performance however it may be over eight.

Over 8:-160

Will A Fan Run Onto The Field During The Game?

Yes: +500

No: -900

A chance to be seen during on national television on the biggest (sports) stage? Some brave individual may take the chance. But, it may not happen this year. So, I’ll stick with no.

No -900

The Super Bowl is a fun time for sports fans. If you are a bettor, you have a chance to bet on more “serious” bets like the winner, the MVP etc. Or, you can partake in some like these. If you’re not a bettor, you can sit back and enjoy the game. Either way, get ready for a good one.