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Super Bowl LIV-Who Will Score The First TD Betting Odds

With Super Bowl 54 right around the corner, sportsbooks have released various prop bets that fans can bet on. Prop bets can earn bettors a lot of money if they get it right. Who will score the first touchdown is one of the most popular bets. The Chiefs and 49ers both have the two best offenses in the NFL. It shouldn’t take long for points to be put up by either team. I am going to tell you who is the best bet to score the first touchdown of the game.

First Touchdown Scorer Odds
Damien Williams (KC) +650
Raheem Mostert (SF) +750
Travis Kelce (KC) +850
Tyreek Hill (KC) +900
George Kittle (SF) +1000
Deebo Samuel (SF) +1200
Tevin Coleman (SF) +1600
Emmanuel Sanders (SF) +1600
Sammy Watkins (KC) +1800
Kendrick Bourne (SF) +1800
Patrick Mahomes (KC) +2000
Matt Breida (SF) +2000
Mecole Hardman (KC) +2000
Darwin Thompson (KC) +3000
Kyle Juszczyk (SF) +3000

Casual fans looking at this list might ask why is Patrick Mahomes ranked so low. The reason for that is that passing touchdowns don’t count towards the first score. A player who scores a rushing TD or catches a TD counts towards the first TD. Between the two teams the 49ers scored more points in the regular season. However, both teams have great offenses that can score from anywhere on the field.

San Francisco Scoring Leaders

For the San Francisco 49ers Raheem Mostert scored the most touchdowns this season. He had eight touchdowns in the regular season. In the playoffs Mostert have been on a scoring tear. He had four rushing touchdowns against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game. Running back Tevin Coleman scored six touchdowns in the regular season and in the playoffs, he has two TD. Tight end George Kittle caught 5 touchdowns in the regular season.

Kansas City Chiefs Scoring Leaders

The Kansas City Chiefs mostly score touchdowns through there passing game. Wide receiver Tyreek Hill led the Chiefs with seven touchdowns in the regular season. He also scored two touchdowns in the AFC Championship game. Travis Kelce had five touchdowns in the regular season. Kelce destroyed the Texans in the playoffs by catching three touchdowns.

Players Most Likely To Score First TD

The players that have the best chance of scoring the first touchdown in Super Bowl 54 are Raheem Mostert, George Kittle, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and Damien Williams. Kittle and Kelce are the two best tight ends in the NFL. Both of these players led their team in receptions and receiving yards. Kittle was tied with Emmanuel Sanders and Kendrick Bourne for the team lead in receiving touchdowns. Raheem Mostert has scored eleven touchdowns in his last eight games since he became the 49ers lead back. Damien Williams have taken over the lead back role for the Chiefs since the playoffs started.

Free Prop Bet Pick

I like George Kittle to score the first touchdown in Super Bowl 54. In the red zone Kittle is a matchup nightmare because he is too fast for linebackers and too big for cornerbacks. He also provides a great value at his current odds. With the 49ers having a great running game, I believe Kittle will score on a play action pass because the Chiefs have to honor the 49ers running game.

Kittle +1000