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The Best Tips For Succeeding In Daily Fantasy Football,

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Daily Fantasy Sports have become more and more popular each year as the talk about legal sports betting has been growing. For the readers who don’t know or are new to DFS, popular websites like FanDuel and DraftKings offer weekly fantasy football contests where players build a roster of their own (similar format to regular fantasy football) under a set salary cap. The goal is simple, earn the most points in your given league and you’ll win the set prize. Today, I’ll be giving you my best tips when it comes to assembling the best team and give you the best chance of winning your daily fantasy football contest.

Spend Your Money on a Stud Quarterback

The concept may seem straightforward and obvious, but the QB position isn’t one where you should look to go cheap on. Nothing is more frustrating than having a great performance from all of your skill players and then having a dud performance from your QB. There can be some strategy used in smaller leagues by not picking the obvious choice you think the majority of your competition will be choosing, but you shouldn’t look outside the top 5-7 choices that week. For the larger contests with the huge cash prizes, there’s no need to overcomplicate your pick. Pick a top-5 quarterback of the week that you believe has the greatest matchup and watch him rack in those guaranteed points.

Pick a Top-Tier Running Back

The Running Back position in fantasy football is always a scarce position and the reason why the majority of them go in the 1st round of many leagues. There’s a huge drop-off from the top-5 RB’s of the week and the rest of the league. After just selecting a QB you will still have a lot of cash left to play with so make sure you secure a top 3-5 RB that week because you will need to have another guarantee of points on your roster. The RB 1’s who have the clear starting job with 20+ touches a week and being a possible receiving threat too are the guys you want to have on your roster (McCaffrey, Barkley, Kamara).

Find a RB2 Sleeper

Now this will be a tough task to achieve in week 1 because there will be no sample size, but you want to look for a cheap RB who can have a high ceiling. The guys targeted in this position are usually “handcuffs” or the backup RB in a high-powered offense that will see a good workload after the starter is out with an injury. It can even be a guy in a multiple RB backfield where you can see get a bigger workload that week given their matchup. This second RB spot is where you want to save money and try to maximize the most amount of points on a cheaper option.

Go After Highly Targeted Wide Receivers

The majority of your cash will be spent on the WR position just based on that you will need to select 3. You can structure your spending by either having a stud, average guy, and sleeper or just a well-rounded group of three. Either way, the most important thing you should base your options on are the WR’s who will see the greatest number of targets. It’s hard to always predict which WR’s will have the better week than others when they’re in the same price range but you want to leave yourself with the best chance to win by selecting the WR with the biggest potential workload. Other factors are taking the WR with the better QB, the better matchup against the secondary they’re facing, and their overall role in the offense. If you’re a confident DFS player, look to go the high risk/high reward route and spend money on a guaranteed top WR and spend less on the other 2 that you believe will have a big week.

Kelce, Ertz, and Kittle… or A Shot in the Dark

The Tight End position in fantasy football is even more scarce than the RB position like I mentioned before. The strategy here is to either save some money on your WR’s to pick a stud like Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz, and George Kittle or just take a guess on a cheap TE who you think can have a big week. Those 3 guys were the only to have over 1,000 receiving yards and more than 135 targets, so it’s clear to see why they find a spot on players rosters. Besides those 3, you can make the case for Eric Ebron but the only reason why he was in the top TE conversation last year was his career year in receiving TD’s and its hard to see him repeat again being in a 2 Tight End offense. So, either put some money aside for those top-tier guys or take a lucky guess on somebody cheap.

Kickers on High-Powered Offenses

For picking a kicker in DFS, there’s really not much strategy but picking the cheapest option isn’t really the smartest move. Obviously, there’s no reason to spend on the highest priced kicker that week but you want to make your choice on an averaged priced kicker who is in a dynamic offense. As the common trend has been in this article, you want to pick the kicker with the greatest possibility for a high workload, so you want to pick one on a team where they make frequent trips to the RedZone. Ideally, if you can figure out which teams make it to the RedZone often but with a low conversion rate (this way your kicker will have more field goal opportunities) would be a great choice. Overall though, there’s no need to overcomplicate this choice and just go with the kicker whose team makes it to the RedZone often.

Look for Weak Offenses When Picking a D/ST

Similar to the Kicker position, there’s really no need to pick the most expensive one. The Chicago Bears were an exception though last year as they had a savage group of guys who had 27 interceptions, 50 sacks, and averaged 10 fantasy points per game. You can definitely make the case to spend your money on them, but for the rest of the league you want to pick your defense based on who the weakest offenses in the NFL will be playing that week.

Weather and Home/Away Matter

At the end of all this evaluation on your players, the weather and if they are home or away totally play a factor into their performance for that week. Weather effects the pace of play, team game plans, and overall layout of an entire game. Also, home-field advantage is a real thing and many players perform better when they’re on their home turf.  Though these factors may not be the most important thing when evaluating the overall player, you definitely need to consider them when making a decision between the guys you narrowed down to put on your roster.