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The XFL is Coming Back And It Might Be The Perfect Time

Why The XFL Will Work This Time Around

Yes, you read that right, Vince McMahon and the XFL are making a comeback, and they might be for real this time. They are expected to debut following the completion of the NFL season in January or February of 2020.

If you don’t already know about the XFL and what they are I’ll give you a little run down. Back in 2001, the XFL made its debut and would end up being the only season they have. The league was recognized for its poor performances and its outlandish WWE antics. McMahon couldn’t help but add his WWE storylines into the game and the two did not mix well.

However, this time around it seems as if Vince has a formula that will be effective and keep the XFL sustainable. It also helps that the revival of the league is during a time when the NFL is struggling with multiple issues including the CTE research being hid from players and the new collective bargaining showdown with the players.

There are a few things I noticed that give this time around much more credibility and I will explain them to you…

The Timing is Perfect

The last time around the XFL was made in a hurry and that caused the product on the field to not be as good as it could have been. Teams didn’t have time to create strong chemistry before taking it out on the field, so there were no schemes being run. At least not correctly. This caused most of the fans to leave and the ratings to drop. By the time the teams had started playing competitive football it was already too late for McMahon and the XFL.

Now, the XFL won’t start until 2020. That gives Vince two years to find staff and players for all eight teams. Much more time then they had before, and this time around there will be training camp and a preseason. The players will be much more comfortable by the time the season opener comes around. This means the product on the field will be much more enjoyable then last time around.

There won’t be any more WWE antics

Probably the worst part about the XFL back when it first debuted, was its connection to the WWE. McMahon did everything he could to add the WWE storyline to the XFL hoping that the mix would be a hit. Unfortunately, it did the opposite. The constant showing of wrestlers caused viewers to doubt the legitimacy of the league and eventually led to it becoming an embarrassment.

This change probably makes me the happiest because McMahon finally understands that it just won’t work, and all people really want to watch is some competitive football. The antics were too much and is the main reason that fans were driven away and the league lost its credibility.

Vince McMahon is the ONLY owner

Last time around the WWE and NBC owned the XFL and run it to the ground. This time McMahon is the sole owner and is under control of the league. He used $100 million worth of WWE stock to fund the league through his company Alpha Entertainment.

Now, Vince is no longer having the WWE involved in any way. No more wrestlers, no more wrestling play-by-play announcers and no more sexual cheerleaders. It will authentic football, especially with McMahon stating that he’s not interested in being the face of XFL this time around and that he will hire football experts to run the organization. This is by far the best decision by Vince, and it’ll add much more credibility for the XFL.

The NFL has a lot to worry about

As I mentioned above the NFL has been going through a lot lately, and it looks like it won’t be getting any better. Players have been upset with the league because of allegations that they hid research on CTE that could be harmful. Also, by the time the XFL comes back, the NFL could be looking at a lockout because of their problems with the new collective bargaining agreement.

Remember the lockout that occured in the NBA? Wasn’t very fun, and mainly because their was nothing else to watch. We were stuck watching our favorite players ball out in street leagues.

It’ll be different this time around with the XFL bringing us quality competitive football. I’m sure people will go back and watch the NFL when it comes back, but it’ll be a great springboard that the XFL and McMahon need.

The games will be quicker

One of the changes that McMahon mentioned during his XFL introductory press conference was that he wanted to make the games shorter. His goal is to make them about two hours in length, and that would definitely attract many viewers.

During the press conference, Vince said he would talk with football experts about what would be the best way to shorten games. However, he did come up with one suggestion, which was to eliminate halftime. That could be taking it a bit too far, and can be damaging the to the product that is shown on the field. At least there is some effort being shown, and that is encouraging.

More access for viewers to experience

The XFL was known for utilizing technology to their advantage and it allowed viewers to get a better experience from the game. One of these examples, is there use of camera angles, which is now copied by the NFL today.

One thing to look forward to with the XFL is their plan to stream games on all platforms. The WWE has been utilizing a streaming service for years now and it has been widely approved. Don’t be surprised to see that being used for the XFL, and that can definitely give themselves an advantage over their rivals the NFL.

It’s going to be better! So get excited!

The XFL is coming back better and stronger than ever, and it comes at a time when the NFL is looking at a possible lockout. The approach that McMahon is taking this time around looks much more planned out. He understands the mistakes he made before and has $100 million to make this league the best it could be, and I believe he can do it.

The product on the field will be better, WWE will not be involved and it’ll feel like authentic football. That’s all we ever wanted from the XFL, and its finally happening. He is also removing politics and social commentary, which will definitely be a plus for even the most traditional football viewers. XFL 2.0 will be a success! Cover The Spread 365 will have the most up to date XFL news in the coming years and when the odds come up will be the first to report them.



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