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Tom Brady The GOAT


We are witnessing something that really has never happened in sports. Being called the greatest of all time (we millennials call it the GOAT) is something that is thrown around a lot in popular culture. “Oh Shake Shack, their burgers are the GOAT!” Or something arbitrary like that. I call my friends the GOAT all the time. The word has started to lose its luster.

When you hear the term GOAT in sports, you tend to think of Michael Jordan. That could be a product of the younger generation being more involved in basketball, or that Michael Jordan is more than just a basketball player. All of these things considered, if things go accordingly on Sunday night, the title of GOAT in sports will be flipped.

YES! Tom Brady will be more of the GOAT then Michael Jordan. When people think about the word, it will be more synonymous with Brady because of what he has done over the course of his career. I am by no means a fan of the Patriots, but it’s hard to argue against the guy who does exactly what you’re supposed to do, all the time. Tiger Woods had his fall from grace, Michael Phelps got caught with marijuana, and didn’t compete in the most competitive of sports. Federer didn’t dominate by himself (Nadal, Djokovic were both on a similar level). We can go on and on with different comparisons but it’s not worth the time anymore.

What Makes Someone the GOAT

There are a lot of things that go into the making of the GOAT. Here are the criteria as I see as the most important:

Rings (obviously most important)

Other Accolades

Global Athlete

Signature Moments

Teammates love him

Must play in recent memory

These four pillars make up the GOAT argument. These are very subjective, especially #5, but I just can’t get behind an old player, in any sport being the best of all time. With stat lapses and bad competition, I immediately eliminate anyone from let’s say the 1960s and before.

Following this, the other four embody Brady to a tee. The championship rings obviously speak for themselves. He has five Super Bowls which is the most for a Quarterback. In those five Super Bowls, he has won four Super Bowl MVPs, also the most ever. Here is the list of every record that Tom Brady has:

Regular Season Wins

Most Passing Yards Regular and Post Season

Touchdown Passes (Postseason included)

Division Titles

Super Bowl Appearances, Yards and Touchdowns

Brady can also make a run at a few other records, including, most game-winning drives, and most touchdown passes in the regular season. Brady has 14 Pro Bowl nominations, three MVP awards, and three other All-Pro nominations. Brady is a machine, and he might play for four more years.

So, the rings and overall accolades are definitely intact, now Brady as a Global Athlete. I can’t speak for every country, but this guy is an international man of mystery. He has business ventures all over including endorsements from UGG, Sirius, and Aston Martin (James Bond). He’s been seen at Kentucky Derbys, Brazilian Carnival events, and Met Galas, showing his more luxurious side. But, he also has created a diet brand labeled TB12, that helps everyday people with weight loss, and has gone on record saying he’s a homebody, enjoying time with his three kids. He can be seen as a GQ supermodel in his Aston Martin, or spending time with his family, making him alluring to every demographic and product.

Super Bowl 53

The last two categories can be more summed up leading to this Sunday’s match. The Patriots dynasty started with a Super Bowl victory over the St. Louis Rams. Brady was a young winner than, and he’s playing just as well now, 17 years ago. Brady’s teammates love him, that’s why they give their all for him. You can see it every year. There are new receivers on the team all the time, and they always perform with Brady as their signal caller. If you think Julian Edelman doesn’t appreciate his Quarterback, just watch this video.

Finally, signature moments always define legends. For Brady, there are so many, I can only highlight a few. The first one I immediately think of is the 28-3 comeback against the Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Never once did anyone thing Patriots were out of this game. Just a testament to Brady’s poise. He came from behind in Super Bowl XLIX, against the Seahawks, and led game-winning drives in two other Super Bowls. He captained the Patriots to a perfect 16-0 season, won an MVP at age 40, and consistently defeated his rival, Peyton Manning, in head to head heavyweight bouts. This guy is the greatest football player of all time already if he wins on Sunday, it only pushes him further away from the pack.

Sam Friedman
Sam is a sports writer that utilizes a sense of humor when offering opinions. He offers unique insights into various sports, and knows all of the ins and outs of the NFL, NBA and College Sports. He enjoys analyzing various stats, as well as studying statistics and analytics to take his picks to a whole new level.