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Who Will Be Home Run Leader in 2019?

Free MLB Pick Who will Be the Home Run Leader in 2019?

Baseball is a funny sport when it comes to consistency. Jose Bautista was the last back to back winner as the home run king taking the crown in 2010 and 2011. Since then, it has been a different player at the top every year. It is what makes baseball interesting, it is a guess every year. There are always clear cut favorites, but most of the time an unexpected dark horse wins.

Recently, Chris Davis won in 2015 with 47 home runs but has only averaged 27 since. Mark Trumbo took the crown in 2016 with 47 home runs but only had 40 total in the following two years. Giancarlo Stanton had 59 homers in 2017 which was the most since Chris Davis’ 53 in 2013 but that was the only time he had more than 40 in a season. Khris Davis had 48 home runs in 2018 and has been the most consistent out of everyone. Since 2015, he leads all MLB with 160 home runs and is averaging 44 a year in the past three seasons.

It’s evident it is hard to predict the home run king. But i have will have a look at the four players with the best odds and why they have that chance according to

Giancarlo Stanton, OF, New York Yankees, Odds 7/1

Since 2016 he has the second most home runs with 124 for an average of 41 per year. In 2018, he had a rough start trying to adjust to his new team. It isn’t easy playing in New York but once he got comfortable he got back on track. After hitting 59 dingers in 2017, he backtracked to 38 in 2018. Now, 38 is still an accomplishment being good enough for sixth best in all MLB. The dip in home runs is due to him making less contact and chasing more pitches out of the zone. His batting average dipped from .281 to .266. He had just about similar hits (168 to 164) but struck out 48 more times. He started out slow only hitting three home runs in his first month with the Yankees . Playing in the small ballpark of Yankee Stadium, the ball flies off his bat. 10 of the top 12 hardest hit home runs came off of his bat. I can guarantee Stanton will be more comfortable in his second season with New York. In one of his worst seasons, he still managed to hit 38 homers. Now imagine him more disciplined in that small ballpark. 40-plus homers shouldn’t be a surprise for 2019.

Aaron Judge, OF, New York Yankees, Odds 10/1

Judge came into the scene with his incredible Rookie season in 2017. He broke the record for most home runs by a rookie with 52. He had a down year in 2018 with 27 home runs but, that was because his season was interrupted with a wrist injury. When he returned from injury, he had a hard time getting comfortable at the plate. He had only one home run in his last 15 games. Once the postseason began Judge looked like his old self hitting three home runs in five games. His wrist seems healed and it had all winter to heal. The question will be if the wrist bothers him in the upcoming season. If he returns to form for 2019, then just like his teammate Stanton, expect many home runs.

J. D. Martinez, OF/DH, Boston Red Sox, Odds 18/1

Martinez has blossomed into one of the best power hitters in the game. With 110 home runs in the past three seasons he has the third most in all MLB in that span. He hit a whopping 43 to go along with his 45 in 2017. Fenway Park has the big “Green Monster” of a left field fence but to the foul line on either side of the park is fairly short. 26 of his home runs came at home. He still has four more years of his contract to play in that small field. No doubt he will be in the running for the home run crown each year.

Khris Davis, DH, Oakland Athletics, Odds 20/1

It is surprising to see that in the past three years, Davis has been the most consistent in home runs. It is also surprising that he is the leader in that span with 133 averaging 44 a season.  If you want consistency Davis is it. Batting exactly.247 in each of the past four seasons. The Athletics made the Wild Card game in 2018 but haven’t been relevant since 2014. How did no other team think to trade for Davis all this time?

A power outfielder who shifted to DH because of defense, he could have helped out so many teams. Well he now seems to have one to call home. The Oakland fans love him and why wouldn’t they, he walks up to the plate with one thought in mind: hit the ball over the fence.

Oakland Coliseum is a known as a pitchers park but  that doesn’t seem to bother Davis as  has turned it into his play place. Since he has joined the A’s, 68 of his home runs have been at home while 65 are on the road. Davis has shown off his power for multiple years now. It is rare to see consistency in baseball but Davis has it and it could fall into his favor.

Once the season begins, the race is on. What is fun is the winner could be one of these four or none of these. We will just have wait and see.

PICK: J. D. Martinez, OF/DH, Boston Red Sox, Odds 18/1