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AFC South Preview and Predictions

AFC South Preview and Predictions

With the training camps underway and preseason starting next week, it’s time to start talking about the NFL.  The Jacksonville Jaguars took the AFC South division title last season, so it will be interesting to see what happens this season.  With Blake Bortles still running the show, the team looks like they could be repeat champs.

Indianapolis Colts (+550)

The Colts don’t appear to be strong on the surface, but if you dig deeper you’ll see they have a lot to offer.

The Colts got former Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator, Frank Reich, as their new head coach.  If he makes plays like he did for the birds, they are in good hands.

Andrew Luck, the golden boy of the Colts, is returning after a year off.  It is unclear whether his shoulder is healthy enough. It could lead to a slow start, but there’s still hope.

The Colts probably won’t end up with the division championship this season, but with lots of changes since last season, they will be fun to watch

Tennessee Titans (+300)

The Titans shouldn’t be half bad this season.  With Mike Vrabel as the new head coach, it should be an upgrade for Tennessee.  

The Titans made the playoffs last season so it’s not like they were that terrible when you think about it.

Marcus Mariota didn’t have the best season, but he’s still a solid player and with a few changes could help out the Titans offensively.  Wide receiver Corey Davis looks like this could be his breakout season. In addition, the Titans got former Patriot Dion Lewis who will definitely be a positive add to the roster.

Defensively, the team has a pretty talented roster.  They finished last season 5th in sacks and 4th against the run game.

If Vrabel can rally the troops and construct a more cohesive unit, they could be a good team.  A lot of this depends on Mariota, but the potential is there.

Houston Texans (+200)

The Texans are more likely than the Colts and the Titans to take the title.

Deshaun Watson was a complete beast last season, and this season shouldn’t be any different.  If he keeps that up, they should have a good foundation.

D’Onta Foreman is their best running back for sure.  He’s still recovering from an injury and it’s unclear whether he’ll be able to start on time.

The issue lies within the rest of the team.  Other than Watson and a handful of others, they don’t have a whole lot going on offensively or defensively.  If they can get their team into shape, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+175)

The Jags are an obvious candidate to take the title (again).

Their defense was filthy last season.  Jacksonville was ranked 2nd in points allowed per game last year, while also ranking 1st against the pass, 2nd in interceptions and 2nd in sacks. They have an insanely strong and talented roster, and they should definitely have defensive control this upcoming season.

Blake Bortles has been doing amazing for such a young quarterback and this season should continue that way.  Leonard Fournette had an amazing rookie season, and he’ll be looking to keep that momentum going.

Who will win?

On paper, your best bet is the Jags.  This division isn’t that strong though, so anything could happen.  The Titans and the Colts are in a transitioning period, and the Texans have injuries to deal with.  I’m picking the Jacksonville Jaguars for the wins of the AFC South.


[button type=”big” color=”blue”] Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars +175[/button]

Emily Estright
Emily Estright
Emily Estright is junior at Penn State University. A Central PA native, Emily is a life long Penn State football fan and a Philly sports Phanatic. She aspires to be a sports analyst one day.