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Why You Should Live Bet During Super Bowl 53

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Only a few days remain until Super Bowl 53 is underway. There are many reasons to be excited about the match up between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. Two genius coaches face off in the biggest game of the year. On one side, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady look to earn their 6th Super Bowl ring as a duo. On the other, Sean McVay looks to begin his legacy at age 33. With all the hype surrounding the game, many bettors looked to make wagers before it commences. While that is the most popular way to bet, live betting allows you to make wagers while the game is happening. So why should you live bet?

Why You Should Live Bet

It’s Fun

Why do something if it isn’t enjoyable? Live betting during the Super Bowl can be a lot of fun. It can enhance your experience watching the game and you can earn money while doing so. If you’re making betting on the game, it’s likely that you enjoy doing it or are just doing it for the cash. Either way, it’s an exciting way to experience the Super Bowl.

End of a Dynasty

Many have predicted it for years, but the Patriots dynasty may be coming to an end. Rob Gronkowski has been mulling retirement for the past few years. Tom Brady will be 42 years old at the start of next season. Bill Belichick is slowly nearing the age of 70.

While it’s likely the Patriots will continue to rule the AFC East next year, will they have enough to compete for a championship next year? If not, this may be your last chance to bet on or against the Patriots in the Super Bowl. That should add some motivation to make a wager.

Failing Bets Is No Problem

If you make a bet pre-game that looks unlikely to win, live betting can help nullify the losses you’re already taking. This can apply to any sort of bet you made, such as coin toss, halftime score, or MVP.

Perhaps you bet the under on points scored. Going in to halftime the teams may be a field goal away from hitting the over.

No matter what you may have made bets on, you’ll know whether you’re close or not as the game is happening. You’ll see live if your bets are either successful or complete flops. If most of them fail, fresh bets will help you forget about the one’s that have missed.

Your Bets Can Be Hedged

This goes along well with the previous point, however you won’t want to ignore your previous failures. If one bet is failing, simply bet the other way to make up for it. You chose Todd Gurley as the MVP but the Rams trail by three scores? Place a bet towards the most successful player on the Patriots. Maybe you picked one team to win, but the other is completely dominating them. Put down some money for the winning team, or double down on your bet and hope for a comeback.

Live betting can help you make up for pre-game mistakes. Just be careful on deciding which bets you want to hedge.

Updating Lines Can Be Advantageous

As the game is progressing, betting sites update the lines and change live wagers. If you have extra knowledge that most don’t, this updates can be used to your advantage. If one team is put into a massive hole, lines will be updated to represent that. If you know that team will come back in the game, you can put money on the underdog and watch it come into fruition. There are risks that you take when trying to gain an edge, though. Nobody is able to predict everything correctly, so you have to be careful what you bet on.


Overall, live betting during the Super Bowl can be an enjoyable way to experience the game. If pre-game bets aren’t going in your favor, you have chances to make your money back. Super Bowl 53 looks to be a great game, with two teams looking to prove themselves. Both teams should be taken into consideration, as they both had thrilling conference championship games. Neither team should be completely out of the game, which makes live betting all the more exciting.


Braedon Parece
Braedon Parece
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