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Ten Prospects Ready For the NHL in 2019

NHL Draft Impact Players C Jack Hughes / RW Kaapo Kakko – NJD and NYR (most likely) This year’s consensus number one and two prospects are both expected to step onto NHL rosters immediately. The two forwards play drastically different styles, Hughes with his...



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Our goal at CTS365 goes beyond picking one or two correct NHL picks. We want to fully immerse you with information and data analytics to give you the upper hand against Vegas and the odds makers. We offer the most informative blogs in the industry in order to help you, the bettor. Or as we like to refer to you as, the investor. After all, it takes more than just money to make money. It takes the correct research and information to invest and that is what CTS365 is here for. Our experts have even created a few blogs to educate even the most experienced of sports bettors. From betting strategies, to the best sportsbooks to choose from, we have dedicated a great deal of time to provide you, the reader, with the most in depth analysis in the industry. Don’t believe us? It’s free to try. Go check out our Free sports picks. NHL hockey is a tough sport to bet on and Las Vegas and the odds makers want you to lose. They want to confuse you with tricky Lines and odds. We are here to help you beat them! One of the main reasons people lose when betting on NHL Hockey is because they have not taken the time to research the games or even to learn how to properly bet. At CTS365, we hope to change that for you simply by doing all the research for you and condensing that info into easily readable articles.

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All of our blogs can be read in as little as 5 minutes. Plus, with the addition of our state of the art mobile site, you can read on the go! NHL hockey is one of the toughest sports to bet on, as I mentioned previously. Imagine betting blindly on a game without the proper knowledge? You might as well set fire to a pile of money. At Cover the Spread 365, our experts spend infinite hours researching all games, players, results, etc in order to better prepare you for the task at hand. Beating Vegas is not easy, otherwise everyone would do it. However, if you spend just 30 days reviewing our picks, predictions, and odds, you will see that we are the real deal. Stop going to the other sites who promise you big earnings and end up losing you money for a week straight. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our expert’s research data and Free NHL hockey picks, predictions, and odds.


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