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3 NHL Teams That Offer No Stanley Cup Betting Value

When it comes to betting on the Stanley Cup, you want to focus on not just the top dogs in the fight, but also the teams that are trending in the right direction with their roster and their play in the postseason. Once a team punches their ticket to the dance, every team has the same chance to win the Cup. No matter what those odds are, it doesn't measure heart, hot streaks, and what it took for that team to get to the postseason. Sometimes teams can coast to the playoffs and them be hit by a team who was already playing postseason type of hockey. Just look at the Tampa Bay Lightning. They played well all year, got a little sloppy the last month, and got swept by the wild card Columbus Blue Jackets.

Now, upsets this big don't happen all the time, but there is definitely a few, didn't see that coming moments, when people watch the Stanley Cup playoffs. You should never bet on the Presidents Trophy winner to win Lord Stanley because in the last 15 years, only the 12-13 Chicago Blackhawks have done that, and that was in a lockout shortened season. Pay attention to the team that comes together in the tight races in the second half of the season, great team chemistry, has experience in the playoffs, and is usually in the Cup conversation. Now these teams below have some of these points, but not all of them.

Florida Panthers +1600

The Panthers have been around since 1993. They have only made the playoffs five times in their history. Florida has hovered around the middle of the Atlantic division and hasn't really been in a playoff conversation, let alone a Stanley Cup type of team. Last season, the Panthers missed out on the playoffs by 12 points. That's a decent size to make up in the upcoming season. What helped with their odds for this upcoming season was getting the best goalie on the market in Sergei Bobrovsky. Goaltending was a big reason why the Panthers didn't make the playoffs last year, but this team still doesn't enough depth and playoff experience to really be a true threat.

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