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Boston Bruins vs. St. Louis Blues 6-1-2019 Free NHL Expert Picks, Predictions, and Odds


Boston Bruins (1-1) at St. Louis Blues (1-1)

Saturday, June 1, 2019 (Enterprise Center)

Line and Odds: St. Louis Blues -120 Over/Under 5


     What the hell, St. Louis? What has become of this hockey team? You were dead all season, dead in the playoffs, dead in this series and somehow, you keep moving forward. The regular season couldn’t put the stake through your heart and neither could the Western Conference. Right now, the Bruins are having a hell of a time doing the same. They had a great chance yesterday and…

     We’re not here to talk about the scoreless second and third period that was game two, we need to focus on game three. Speaking of game three, the Blues are under. This means the country is beginning to think they’ll be able to win game three. Ha! I’ve been saying all playoff season long that game three is the most important in a series. More often than not, the team that wins game three wins the series. It’s interesting though, that hasn’t much this playoff season.

     Going into game three, I can’t help but feel the Blues have momentum walking into it. This will be the first final game played in St. Louis since 1970 and the first ever at Enterprise Center. I may not know who will win the game but I guarantee that place will be rocking…. cause it’s Saturday night.

     The place will be rocking cause’s there’s Hockey tonight!

     What impressed me the most about the Blues was how they sat on the Bruin attack while relentlessly peppering Tuukka Rask. The Blues were the better team in game two and were rewarded for it. Don’t let it get to your head Blues, many a team have won game two and watched the next three fall by the wayside.

     The optimist in me is hoping the Blues will win game three and carry that momentum into game four. The pessimist in me says the Bruins will figure the Blues out and will carry the cup on home ice come game five. Truthfully though, I feel the Blues will be winning game three. By the looks of it, they have the Bruins and if they can get Tuukka to give up a softy or two…

     A goal and a half is the divide for your money, you degenerate gamblers.

     Be a man and pick the Bruins to win. It’s riskier and you’ll make more money if you win. I’m picking the Blues because they’re on home ice now, they won game two and the general consensus is that the Blues will win game three. By no means do I think this game will be a walk over for the Blues. If anything, Jordan Binnington will be busy than a lent-era fish fry manager. You’re almost there Blues. Don’t let game three slip away.


     Oskar will not be available for the Blues and that will be a major thorn in their side. The Bruins are rightfully outraged that they now have to taste their own medicine and I’m sure they’ll be playing with fire come game three but like I said, a softie or two from Tuukka will kill that attack right away. I sense the Bruins frustration is boiling over and that might be their undoing in game three. Then again, maybe they’ll pound their way to a win. Just stay out of the penalty box and the win remains there for them just as much as the Blues.

Prediction (knock on wood) St. Louis 4-Boston 2 Final