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How To Be Amazing At Fantasy Hockey



If you aren’t good enough to be a professional hockey player or coach at the NHL level, you can at least pretend to coach your favorite NHL players with fantasy hockey and make the games a little more meaningful. You can use your awesome hockey knowledge to create a team that will bring you that sweet cash prize and virtual trophy to show off to all your friends. Now along the way, injuries will happen, trades will be proposed, and players won’t live up to their statistic expectations. You have to always expect the unexpected when playing fantasy sports and if you always have a plan B waiting on the bench, then you should be fine. Whatever the case may be, here are some ways that your fantasy hockey team can be a contender every season:

Do your research:

Like with anything in life, it helps to always be prepared. In fantasy hockey, you need to see what guys were the top players last year and if they are consistently putting up great numbers every season. It helps to know if some key guys were hurt early last year and couldn’t give out their full statistic potential. These type of players might be ranked deep in the draft, but you can make some surprise pick ups and create great depth in your roster. Finally, do a mock draft of the players you would like to draft. Doing this will make draft day a little less stressful when you panic to find that third defenseman or second winger.

Draft Smart:

The draft is the foundation of your team. If you care about your team, set a draft date and time that you will remember to show up on. If you forget your draft time, then the computer is going to pick for you and you probably won’t like most of your picks. Now when it comes to the first pick, always go with the forward who will be productive in all the offensive categories which are goals, assists, points, shots on goal, plus/minus, and power play points. If you don’t get the first pick it’s all good, but if you do, it better be Alexander Ovechkin. Ovechkin has been Mr. consistent every season with lighting up these categories and he has been durable as ever. Next, you want to snag that top goalie. The goalie categories are wins, save percentage, goals against average, and shutouts. If you stack up on great forwards early, then you will end up picking an average goalie, and most likely be an average team as well. Pekka Rinne is the right choice for a top goalie pick. He will get you the wins, a low goals against average, and a few shutouts as well. From here, continue to look for those players that can fill all the scoring categories up. About halfway through the draft, pick a second goalie and some defenseman. It’s good to wait on defenseman in the draft because they are only good for shots on goal, plus/minus points, and sometimes power play points. Finally, when rounding out your final picks, choose players that are almost the best in a certain category. These players will be great to use when you need help from the bench in a certain category.

Check Your Team Daily:

If you are just playing fantasy hockey casually, then its okay to check how your team is doing once a week. If you want to win some money, then check your team every day. If a top player goes down, you have to be on top of it and put him on the disabled list, and find his replacement in free agency, or make a blockbuster trade. If you have multiple players in your starting roster hurt, then you will be losing potential points, and that will cost you in your head to head matchups. Also, if you notice a player that is just not producing for your team, then go after that streaky player in free agency. If you remember to draft productive, durable players, and make sure that your starters and bench players are on top of their game, then that successful season is right in the net.

Michael Garaventa
Michael Garaventa
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