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San Jose Sharks vs. St. Louis Blues 5-21-2019 Free NHL Expert Picks, Predictions and Odds

Prediction: St. Louis 4 San Jose 3 San Jose Sharks (2-3) at St. Louis Blues (3-2)

NHL Playoff Hockey: Tuesday, March 21, 2019 (Enterprise Arena)

Line and Odds: St. Louis Blues -141 Over/Under: 5.5


     Game Six. Anytime one puts those two words together, you know there’s going to be drama. It’s Mark Messier guaranteeing a victory and backing it up with a natural hat trick in the third period. It’s Claude Lemieux slamming Kris Draper from behind and starting a rivalry that the NHL misses terribly. Very often, the winner of game six goes on to win the Stanley Cup (though not always). This time around, it means the Blues are on the cusp of their first trip to the Finals since 1970…

     How eerie it is that the Bruins will be awaiting the Blues should St. Louis put away the Sharks this evening. As we all know, the last team the Blues faced in the Finals was the Bruins and one has to know they’re hungry for a rematch, 49 years in the making. They were dead halfway through the season, questioned relentlessly and now they’re one win away from the Finals.

     Just one win.

     It seems like climbing Mt. Everest for these San Jose Sharks. They’re without the league’s best defenseman, they’re captain’s availability is hazy and they’ll have to win on the road if they’re going to bring this series back home. Martin Jones was able to steal game six in the first round. Can he re-create his magic here? He will have to be the difference maker in both games six and seven if San Jose wants another chance at the cup.

     At this point, one would be a fool to put their money on San Jose. St. Louis embarrassed them on their home ice in game give and while I think there will be incentive to extract revenge, I feel the Sharks are just too banged up to truly even the series up. Even if they do win tonight, that’s not guaranteeing a game seven win at home. The Blues have faced nothing but adversity and that’s much of the reason for their success. San Jose entered the playoffs as heavy favorites, but the favorites have their heads on the chopping block.

    What’s great about the Stanley Cup Playoffs is the drama and storylines that come alive this time of year. Just because St. Louis has home-ice advantage doesn’t mean they have this game in the bag either. How many times have we seen a team blow game six at home, only to blow game seven on the road two nights later? The Blues are hoping to escape that fate but luck has much to do with who wins the Stanley Cup.


      While I’d love to see the Sharks prevail, what they showcased to me in game five, coupled with the injuries, showcases to me that the Blues pretty much have this series in the bag. Should the Blues somehow find a way to fumble this series away, it will rank amongst the most devastating playoff losses I’ve ever seen. San Jose has one more chance to expect them to play a hell of a game tonight. While I think it will be a losing effort, I’ve been wrong in the past and I may be once more tonight.

     St. Louis, you know what you have to do tonight. No one thought you’d be here, not even you guys I’m sure. Look how far you’ve come, look how close you are. You can taste the silver on the Stanley Cup. Should you make it to round four, you’ll have most of the Hockey world rooting for you. Make that dream a reality tonight, and you may just be rewarded by the Hockey gods as a result.

Prediction: St. Louis 4, San Jose 2