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St. Louis Blues vs. Boston Bruins 5-27-2019 Free NHL Expert Picks, Predictions and Odds

Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Final Preview

St. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins

Stanley Cup Finals: Monday, May 27, 2019 (TD Garden)

Line and Odds: Boston Bruins -160 Over/Under: 5


     The precipice of why we follow Hockey is upon us once again. Each season, we sit through the off and preseason in hopes that we’ll have a good enough season to get us to the playoffs. If we don’t, we find ourselves in the position that teams like the Buffalo Sabres currently reside in. If we do, we’re lucky enough to watch our teams get bounced in round one, two, three…or if you’re extremely unlucky, four.

     Welcome to round four!

     I gave my insight into the series as a whole just a day ago but Coverthespread365 must’ve been so enamored with my analysis, that they’re making me do the same thing over again today. It’s game one of the Stanley Cup Finals, which will be played tonight at 8 PM EST. The St. Louis Blues have turned into the Dracula of the league. They’re the living dead, the white walkers of the NHL.

     The Bruins appear to have the Valyrian Steel needed to curb the threat but they’re city is the only one that appears to want that resolution. If we’re talking in metaphors, I don’t think the NHL would mind a St. Louis Winter…. winner…what am I even saying? I can’t allow myself to get carried away. These kinds of things have to be taken game by game.

     The trouble with this series is that I can look at all of the stats and make a prediction but the regular season is far different from the playoffs. Playoff games are night and day from one another. What may look like a sure-fire sweep ends up being a seven game series. What looks like a classic game one beat down might end up being a four-overtime game.

     So, who takes game one?


     From afar, I would pick the Bruins to steam roll the Blues. They’re entering this series with the three rounds having gotten easier. They went seven games in round one; six in round two and swept round three. The Blues have already played 20 games and will not be as refreshed as the Bruins are.

     The goaltending also looks to be a mismatch. Despite his brilliant play in goal, most are looking at Jordan Binnington as nothing more than a fluke. He’s not the proven star that Tuuka Rask is and that top line of Boston is looking to make chop suey of the young phenom. Can the likes of Ryan O’Reilly stifle the Marchand-Bergeron-Pasternak line? Can Alex Pietrangelo answer the call against big Z?

     Most are awaiting a tight game between these two teams and most are expecting that the Bruins will edge out a game one win. My hope is that the Blues can steal that home ice advantage from the B’s and at least win one game on the road. That will give them far more leverage when they return home for game’s three and four. It’s what my hope is, but the expectation is that the B’s will win both home ice games.

     For the Blues to win, they just need to play their game and have a few lucky bounces. Fortune has favored them ever since the midway point of the season and that luck has carried them this far. Whether or not that luck will continue in round four remains to be seen. The rest of the nation, like myself, hopes it does but in game one…I don’t think so.

My prediction: Boston 3-St. Louis 2 in overtime.