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St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks 5-16-2019 Free NHL Expert Picks, Predictions and Odds

San Jose Sharks vs. St. Louis Blues Free NHL Predictions

San Jose Sharks (1-1) at St. Louis Blues (1-1)

NHL Hockey: Wednesday, May 16, 2019 (Enterprise Center)

Line and Odds: St. Louis Blues -145 Over/Under: 5.5


     St. Louis, I must tip my hat to you. Midway through the season, you were dead. Like the Red Lady brought Jon Snow back from the dead, so too did the Gods of Hockey. I counted you out against the Jets, you proved me wrong. I doubted you against the Stars, you made me eat my words and now against the San Jose Sharks, you’ve stolen momentum heading into Game Three.

     Last season, I hesitated in giving props to the Caps because I wanted them to win it badly and each time it looked like they were shedding their choker label, yet one more obstacle would appear before them. As we know now, they were finally able to overcome those enroot to the Cup. I trust their run last year is heavy inspiration to your run this year.

     Every time I’ve called upon someone to step up, they have. Your defense and goaltending allow six goals in game one so what do you do? You allow 66 percent less in game two. I get on Ryan O’Reilly and Vladimir Tarasenko for being playoff ghosts and they respond in unison. These are usually telltale signs of the team that will take the cup but…I’m sorry St. Louis, your history still works against you.

     I’ve been instructed to talk about the point spread but what is 5.5 in Hockey? I get this sort of line in Basketball and Football but does this mean five goals? Five and half goals? Last time I checked, empty net goals count as full goals on that stat sheet. The way the spread looks, one should put their money on San Jose because you’re out of your mind if you think the Sharks will be letting both games get away from them.

    At the same time, the Sharks are known just as much for letting these games get away from them. I will not let the spread tell me which team will win because much like myself, the spread is known to be wrong. Had I bet on the Jackets to win, I could’ve made a fortune off of a penny.

     Truth be told, I know not who will be winning game three. All I know, or should I say, all I believe is that the better team will prove themselves victorious come the end of it. With that though, there have been plenty of instances where teams drop game threes and then go on to win the Stanley Cup. For each team though, this is the most important game of their season so far and I expect nothing less than a blood bath from both teams.

     St. Louis is known more for their success on the road in regards to this postseason. In game two, it was the defensive switch-up that threw the Sharks off but they’ll be expecting that sort of thing in game three. I guess Mike Van Ryn can replace Binnington with Jake Allen but, forget losing his job, that poor soul might lose something else should he go that far. Would it prove successful? It might but no one in St. Louis wants to see Jake Allen in between the pipes. They’d be calling it “Sharks in Five”.


    So, based on the fact that they made those game two adjustments and that they were able to win a game two on the road, I’d give the Blues game three. It’s a toss up though as I won’t be surprised if San Jose wins either. I don’t know if it will be tight or wide open, all I know is one of these teams will be two games closer to the cup after game’s end.

For the sake of a Prediction, St. Louis 3 San Jose 2, Overtime…because, why not?