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Western Conference Final Game 4: San Jose Sharks Vs St. Louis Blues 5-17-19 Free NHL Expert Picks, Parlays, And Spreads

San Jose Sharks (2-1) at St. Louis Blues (1-2)

NHL Hockey: Friday May 17th 2019 at 8:05 PM EDT (Enterprise Center)

Lines and Odds: St. Louis Blues -142

Over/Under: 5.5o15

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Welcome to Game 4 of the Western Conference Final between the San Jose Sharks vs St. Louis Blues. Well, the Sharks got another controversial win in Game 3 of this series and people will be talking about it until the playoffs are over, and beyond. Here’s the recap of the play: 5 minutes into overtime, controversy strikes again for team teal. Timo Meier is tripped near the side of the net and no call there apparently. Next, as he is falling down, he tries to bat down the puck. It looks like it may have hit his forearm. From there, it goes to the Sharks Gustav Nyquist who then passes it to Karlsson, and Karlsson scores.

Now the hand pass rule is, you can’t pass the puck to a teammate with your glove. If a player does, the referee stops play and there is a faceoff. However, the rule also says if a player deliberately knocks the puck down then it’s a hand pass. Meier knocked the puck down as he was falling. Also, the puck skimmed Jay Bouwmeester’s shin and that negates the play as well. All in all, games come full circle sometimes. The St. Louis Blues got away with a lot of dirty hits in this game and the delay of game call swung their favor big time and yet people want to say the Sharks stole Game 3. At the end of the day, blame the refs. However, don’t hate on the Sharks for seizing these opportunities. Especially ones that they receive in the playoffs. 

The Sharks were lucky to win Game 3. Not because of the controversial call, but team teal looked flat out tired in the third period. It took a Logan Couture goal, during empty net time, to tie the game with a minute left. The Sharks did start Game 3 well. They fought off the Blues early surge in the first and then got goals from Erik Karlsson and Joe Thornton. San Jose then played poorly in the second and third period. It led to a 4 goal collapse in the second and it took a few Martin Jones clutch saves in the third, to keep it a 1 goal game. The Sharks stole this game because they started well, but the Blues definitely controlled play in the second half, and had all the momentum. Sometimes wins in the playoffs won’t be pretty or go as planned, but either way, they got the job done. San Jose needs to start playing the remaining playoff games like its Game 7. They have had slow starts in games and especially on the road. Come out with energy, score first again, and don’t let up. San Jose can put a stranglehold on this series with another big road win.

The Blues are still going to be mad about the non hand pass call and with that angry fuel, this team will be ready to play. St. Louis looked their best in this series in the second period of Game 3, and now they just need to play like that for 60 minutes. The Blues can’t allow the Sharks to score first and dictate play earlier. St. Louis is already down in the series and they can’t afford to chase the game like they did in the last game. It was nice to see the Blues power play click and see Vladimir Tarasenko score in 5 on 5 play. Jordan Binnington looked a little shaky times in net and it’s time for him to shut down this Sharks offense and play like he did in the Dallas series. Also, keep the hits coming and continue to block shots. This combination slowed the Sharks down in the ladder stages of the last two games and can work again.

NHL Playoffs San Jose Sharks vs St. Louis Blues

So, who will in Game 4? The Sharks know that they didn’t play their best in the last game. The start was perfect and the late goal came on a play from the timeout. Other than, the Sharks have to show chomp throughout the game and silence the Blues with a 3-1 series lead. Also, how about scoring in Game 4? Team teal has been shut out and outscored 8-0 in Game 4s this postseason. The Blues need to win this game or else it may not comeback to St. Louis. The Blues are 3-5 at home this postseason, but if they can get a win tonight, they might be able to steal one in San Jose. It will be another high scoring and energetic game that the Blues just get by on and win 4-3.

Pick: St. Louis Blues -142