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Bournemouth Season Preview 2018/19

Lets have a look about a team on the rise in the English Premier League,Bournemouth.We’ll have a look at their stats, history, achievements and things to look forward for their upcoming season.


Founded: 1899

Nickname: The Cherries

Home Ground: Dean Court

Trophy Room:  N/A

Manager: Eddie Howe

About the team

Its good times for the so called ‘Cherries‘. Bournemouth are all set to play their 4th straight Premier League season. Alot of credit for this achievement must go to the board members and the manager Eddie Howe who has been doing an incredible job.

Bournemouth was a club which couldn’t finish higher that 10th in the English Championship(second tier league)until 2014. But here they are all set and have become a part of the premier league.They were expected to get relegated when they became a part of the Premier League,but they have been quite comfortable in avoiding it and have managed finishes near mid table.Amazing and exciting times for the fans.

Their home stadium,Dean Court has a capacity of only about 12000 or so,but the fans certainly provide all the noise and get their team going.It is certainly one of the smallest stadiums in the premier league,but they have some wonderful fans.They love their players and their manager.

Manager and his approach

Eddie Howe has been playing attractive attacking football.Eventhough they don’t have players of high calibre,he’s managed to make hie players adapt to his style and brought them to play proper football.Generally teams looking to survive play a more defensive game,but Eddie Howe has stuck to giving the fans good football to watch and has taken the attack to oppositions.He has been very successful in what he wants his team to do.

Previous season:


Again take note that Bournemouth was a team which was rooted to go down as soon as they came into the Premier League.But not only did they manage to stay up in their first season,they also amazingly managed a 9th place finish in their next season.Last season they did have a bad start but still managed to get to 12th place and comfortably stayed up.They managed to secure 44 points last season.

Their terrible start did invoke some fear into the fans but as the season went by they managed to put in some perfomances and did their job.Now the Premier League looks like their home for sure.

They have managed to get some shock results as well in the time they’ve been in the PL.Last season they managed to beat Arsenal at home and thrashed Chelsea 0-3 at The Stamford Bridge.These are results which the fans would never forget and also results which boost the team’s morale. With their playing style and manager they managed to attract quite some good players as well such as Jermain Defoe.

Key Squad Information

The current transfer window has been a quiet one for Bournemouth,but they have managed to build a stable team in the past few seasons.Eddie Howe has been able to develop a few players and bring in players whi suit his style of play.A few of the players have been instrumental for their survival.

They even managed to sign Nathan Ake from Chelsea after he spent a while on loan with the club.He has become an important defender and has also been chipping in rare goals.He is generally paired with Steve Cook who is solid as well.

Their full backs also have been really important in defence and also getting forward and providing width.But Charlie Daniels and Simon Francis are getting old,so this could be an area where the team needs more players.

Their forward line looks all set as Callum Wilson is back from his injury problems and could be a key player as they go into the season.He has support from the likes of Jermain Defoe and Joshua King who have been good for the club as well.

Their midfield have some talented players like Jordan Ibe,Ryan Fraser who can provide the attacking threat.Stanislas has also been another performer for them.Dan Gosling has been able to provide the balance required in the midfield.

Hence they have managed to build a pretty stable team but a few more additions could have been made.Their only real addition has been David Brooks (21 years) who is an attacking midfielder.Fans have been excited to see what he can offer.

Expected formation and style of play

As already said Eddie Howe has stuck to his attacking approach of football.He is a very young and talented manager who has a lot of good days ahead of him.He was even rooted to be a potential replacement for Arsene Wenger at Arsenal.His style of play has been admired by many

Howe generally plays the 4-4-2 but more as a 4-4-1-1,with the second striker operating slightly behind.He likes to attack alot using the width.Hence his full backs have been really important and sometimes the midfield play quite wide too.The main striker is more of a target man and the other one has a bit of a free role to play.The midfield offer the right balance of attack and defence.His team works quite hard on and off the ball making it tough for oppositions.

Prediction for the season

Bournemouth have already managed to achieve more than expectations.So it is really hard to predict their upcoming season.But definitely they would be targetting a mid table finish.

They have some Premier League experience now and have managed to build a stable and compact squad.Hence they should manage to atleast stay up this season.

A new season with alot more expectations and excitment is all set to begin!

Time to be excited Bournemouth fans!