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Basic Rules For Sports Bettors To Win More


Let’s be honest and upfront. Making consistent profits on sports betting can be extremely difficult and exhausting.  However there are a lot of great sports bettors who win on a consistent basis that make this one of their biggest sources of income. Cover The Spread 365 wanted to make a page dedicated to the most basic sports betting strategies. These sports betting tips and rules will help you become a consistent and rational player. If you have no strategy or guidelines when it comes to sports betting you might as well walk over to the roulette table and mindlessly pick red or black.

Throughout this page we will discuss the most basic sports betting strategies for even the most novice of bettors. If you consider yourself an experienced bettor and are looking for new sports betting techniques, check out our Sports Betting Tips for all of our latest submissions on different sports betting styles, play techniques and latest perceptions.

Sports Betting Strategy


When starting your journey into the sports betting world there are some imperative golden rules you will want to follow very closely in order to not only win bets, but to consistently profit. These betting strategies we are about to discuss are in no way secretive or the missing piece to your sports betting success. Following this sports betting strategy will give you the foundation you need in order to continue winning money over the long run. If you are giving the world of sports betting a chance, you must realize this is not a sprint, but a marathon. Typical bettors, or as Las Vegas loves to call them “average joe’s” or “squares”, are referred to as people who don’t follow these or any sports betting strategies.  These “average joes” are what built the sin city you know today.

#1 Sports Betting Strategy –Establish Bankroll / Proper Money Management


Before you start betting on sports you need to figure out how much money you are setting aside, which is often referred to as your bankroll. This is the exact same concept as if you were investing in the stock market, which is considered to be the amount of money you are willing to risk and more importantly can afford to lose. This is gambling folks and you never want to risk anything you don’t already have. You will need to determine if you are setting aside a set amount of dinero for a specific sport week, month, or the entire sports season. After you have established your bankroll you will now implement your money management aspect. The sports betting consensus is you typically bet 5% of your bankroll on each bet. So for example, if you are risking $1,000 for the NBA Playoffs you would only bet $50 dollars on each bet.


#2 Sports Betting Strategy – No Bet Is Bigger Than The Other!


We can not stress rule #2 enough in the betting world. For some reason the general public believes betting on a playoff or championship game means you must bet BIGGER. This is the biggest trap that people fall for and Vegas loves to gobble up the profits from amateur bettors.
Your week 1 NFL sports bet shouldn’t be any bigger than your Superbowl bet. I understand this is easier said than done, but this is vital to becoming a consistent and experienced player. Don’t fall for the trap of the non stop media coverage that over analyzes every aspect of the big game for weeks making you believe this is the biggest bet or showdown in history. The plain fact is, it’s just another game. Just another opportunity to grow your investment. Don’t over think it. I know you hate to hear this, but it is what it is. Don’t fall for betting big on the “BIG GAME!”

#3 Sports Betting Strategy – Don’t Chase & Accept a Losing Day


Fact of the matter is you won’t win every day. We don’t win everyday. I hate people who sell you on they win everyday. If this was a one day race the world would have a different big winner everyday. It’s the way Vegas and the lines and odds were built. The thing is sports betting is a long term investment and, with that, you have your ups and downs. There’s always one quote that I go back to when debating or wanting to chase. The advice was given by the world’s best investor Warren Buffet,

“The Stock Market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.”

Patience is the key. If you have already gone 0-2 for the day and just haphazardly double or increase your next wager, you’re not only breaking this rule, but breaking the most important #1 rule on proper money management. You don’t have to break even. We all don’t want red days, but they happen. By going down the chase pattern, your mindset will completely change only leading you to even more losses. Stick to the rules and keep a level head.

#4 Sports Betting Strategy – Don’t Bet Drunk


I’m going to sound like your parents here, but don’t bet sports under the influence. Period. I know this sounds like a moot point, but the majority of players place sports bet while under the influence. You think Las Vegas or any casino gives out free drinks because they are nice? They know its liquid courage and allows for your judgement to be impaired and with Vegas already having an edge do you think it’s wise to give them more? Wanna win at sports betting, avoid these vices and play with a level head kids.

#5 Sports Betting Strategy – Don’t Ever Go On Tilt or Bet with Emotion


In Layman’s terms, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. That it is the sole influence on why you bet a certain way. If ‘Lebum’ James misses that oh so needed free throw and you find yourself on the short end of the stick, don’t
allow your emotions to take over and influence you into a bad decision. In this case, walk away and get some fresh air. It happens and sometimes in bunches. You always remember that missed free throw way more than all of those made ones that helped you cash in! This also goes for your favorite sports team. Don’t bet them just to bet them. We all have a favorite sports team, that doesn’t mean you need to bet them just because they are playing. Trust me, the loss of your favorite sports team is enough to swallow. Don’t allow them to steal your heart and your wallet!


#6 Sports Betting Strategy – Do Your Homework


Now I’ve gone from your parents to your school teacher. Still, the fact of the matter is if you don’t do your research or have some type of way to analyze games, your betting on a whim or hunches. Randomly picking games will only work for so long, trust us the numbers don’t lie. In the long run, to win betting sports you need to look at past games, trends, analysis and match-ups. Bring your “A” game to the table and don’t leave any unwanted surprises when the game starts. We all know the feeling when the game starts and that key player is out for the game. Don’t be the chump that places a last second bet and gets your money taken away, I hate the sound of cry babies. Take the time and learn how to maximize your sports betting odds.

#7 Sports Betting Strategy – Line Shop


Odds are you’re not in Las Vegas to place your sports bet on tonight’s action so you can’t find an edge, right? Oh wait, your online. It’s even easier to shop for the best line advantage. If you are investing in sports betting don’t fall victim to the one stop shop to place all of your bets. Especially as an online player you have many advantages of signing up with multiple online sports books offering sign up bonuses. The majority of these best sports betting websites offer different lines by .5 to even 1 point sometimes! Our best advice is to use all of these bonuses and take every advantage when you can against the oddsmakers. Don’t believe us? Take notes of every line advantage over the course of the entire year and see how much money you saved by having multiple betting accounts to take back some of the edge. Check out our list of the most trusted and best sports betting websites we approved with the best signup bonuses!

If you are looking for more advanced sports betting techniques and strategies, check out some of our links below. We cover a wide spectrum of betting myths, ideas and views. Take a look at our premium picks if you are looking for a proven betting strategy and system.