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How to Become a Better Bettor

Tips To Help You Become A Sports Winner!

If you’re new to sports betting, it’s easy to get lost in all of the odds, predictions, and expert picks. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to betting than just picking winners. The sportsbooks charge a vig, making it tougher to win money on sports bets so that they can make a profit. Regularly overcoming the vig is how you can win at sports betting!

1.  Focus on One Sport

Make bets one sport at a time. It is impossible to be an expert on every sport. If you master one sport, you’ll have a wider knowledge on the sport than the average bettor. The most successful bettors focus on one sport at a time. It helps to develop a system for betting. However, it is very difficult to have a universal system for all sports. If you perfect one system for a sport that you consider yourself to be a pro at, you will become very successful. Then, you can start mastering another sport.

2. Defense Is Your Offense

Most bettors focus on offense. It’s just as the saying goes: offense score points, but defense wins games. Novice bettors place bets on teams based solely on offense. Expert bettors know that the defense is what makes or breaks a team. When the line is made, it takes both the offense and defense into consideration.
Think about it logically. If you’re watching a baseball game, you want your team to get this, runs, and grand slams. However, you probably care just as much about the outfielders jumping and catching those hits from the other team. This logic can be used for most other two-team sports. If you play fantasy football, for example, you know that defensive players are included as well.

3. Be On The Lookout For Better Lines

Better lines can lead to bigger profits. Most of the time, the line is accurate and this gives bettors on either side a 50% chance of winning. When the public leans one way, the bookmakers adjust for that. So when the line is inaccurate, it’s because the general consensus leans heavily in one direction. Let’s look at an example of comparing lines.

Let’s say you’re betting on the Philadelphia Phillies vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Sportsbook 1 is offering the Phillies +6.5-120
Sportsbook 2 is offering the Pirates +7-110
With Sportsbook 1, you are required to wager $120 to win $100
With Sportsbook 2, you only need to risk $110 to win $100

If you bet $120 and win with Sportsbook 1, you win $100. If you bet $110 and win with Sportsbook 2, you win $114.76. That extra dough goes a long way in betting.

This doesn’t account for the difference between lines!

A half a point would decrease your chances of winning by 2%. If the line is accurate at +7, they you will win half (50%) of the time. So if you were to bet on the +6.5, you would win 48%, which can impact your winnings.

4. Don’t Overlook Smaller Conferences

The bookmakers won’t have as much information on smaller conferences with less coverage than say the New England Patriots or the Pittsburgh Penguins. They won’t put that much effort on the smaller games and conferences because most people bet on big games. You will have a greater chance for success if you go with less covered games.

5. Research Your Bets

If you are willing to research your games and find all the data and statistics you can, your betting will become next level. Keep track of your bets. Use that to help you with your future bets. Check multiple websites and keep up to date with the teams that you’re betting on.

Use these tips and you will place more accurate, secure bets. Good luck!

Emily Estright
Emily Estright
Emily Estright is junior at Penn State University. A Central PA native, Emily is a life long Penn State football fan and a Philly sports Phanatic. She aspires to be a sports analyst one day.