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Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner Free Boxing Pick, Prediction and Odds

Manny Pacquiao (60-7-2), 39 KOs versus Adrien Broner (33-3-1), 24 KOs

Boxing: Saturday, January 19, 2019 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada 11:00pm EST

Odds: Broner (+235)

Free Boxing Pick Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner

The main event features a Hall of Famer taking on one of the best counter-punchers in the game today. Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao takes on Adrien “The Problem” Broner Saturday, January 19. This is a fight Pacquiao fans have been looking forward to as Manny seems to be in the middle of some sort of a career renaissance. Pacquiao is coming off of a TKO victory versus Lucas Martin Matthysse. Pacquiao is approaching the ripe age of 40, but Pac-man is beginning to resemble a fine wine that just gets better with age. Coming into this one, Pacquiao has more wins by KO than his opponent has in his entire professional career. The experience advantage he brings into this fight cannot be overstated. Pacquiao has defeated a total of 20 world champions over his 24-year career. This would just make Broner another opponent for him. For Broner, Manny Pacquiao could arguably be his greatest challenger. But Broner has been in big fights before. Take his bout with Marcos Maidana in 2013; Broner was able to take Maidana the whole 12 rounds. Though he lost by decision, this notes a common trend in Broner’s biggest fights: he has been taken to decision nine out of his last eleven fights.

Adrien Broner has shown us he can compete in these top-level bouts, but what he has not proven yet is his ability to be the better pure boxer on a consistent basis. It’s not like he doesn’t have the skill. With his punching combinations and lethal counter punch he possesses, Broner could easily be regarded as one of the best boxers in the world today. He’s that impressive. There really has not been a question about his punching ability. The problem has been consistency. Not just fight to fight consistency either. Time and time again Broner has come into these winnable fights where he looks tentative early only to come along late with flurries of punches and moves that leaves people wondering where that was early on. He decides to be passive and not go out to win the fight, but insead let the fight come to him. This is why so many people have labeled Broner as a fighter that can be more than what he is. People see the potential in Broner, but wonder why so much inconsistency in his fights. The fights he has been able to pull out are when he is able to show off and straight up box. Now of course his opponent is not one to shy away from a good fight neither. That may be the slippery slope here, because Pacquiao is similar in that resepct. Pacqioa also loves a good fight and he flourishes when he can open up his opponent and turn the fight into a back and forth contest. Pacqioa has top-notch punching ability, but he also has the better technique and skill to rely upon. This is why Broner must come in and try to control this fight from the the opening bell.

Pacquiao has the cache and resume coming in. Plus he is fighting out of the champions corner, and that means he has an edge when it comes to the judges. Pacquiao also has proven he can be much more impressive when the fight becomes a slug fest. But I would not count Broner out. What Broner will need coming into this fight is confidence.  If he can bring confidence early and then settle into his offensive attack late, he can be the heavy striker that we have seen, that even has given Manny Pacquiao trouble over his career. And if you have seen any of his pre-fight antics then you know he is never lacking when it comes to confidence. But will he bring it when it counts? Because if not, Pacquiao will box circles around his opponent.

Free Boxing Prediction Adrien Broner vs. Manny Pacquiao

Pac Man’s success stems really upon him doing what he has been doing his entire career. All he’s got to do is show up and box and his talent will speak for itself. On the other hand, Broner must realize he’s there for a reason. If he can see that, then during the fight he will have enough chances to try and wear down his opponent. But Pacquiao is never one to play sitting duck and be an open target. I feel that will overwhelm Broner as we turn towards the second half of the fight. Too many “if”s for Broner make him too risky of a pick versus an assured fighter like Pacquiao.


Pacquiao (-305) by decision

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