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Buying Bitcoins for Sports Betting

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re finally interested in using bitcoins to place your sports bets! Cryptocurrency is simply the best way to stay anonymous and get your withdrawals faster (Refer back to previous article). To get started just follow these easy steps!

Purchasing Bitcoins For Sports Betting

1) The first step in purchasing bitcoin is to find an exchange. The most popular exchanges include, and

2) After you find an exchange, many of these exchanges will ask you to verify your account with a government ID and proof of residence in order to make a deposit. This can respectively be a passport and a utility bill.

3) Now that you’ve been verified you can finally make your first deposit. These sites will give your multiple options on how you want to fund your account. Pick the one most suitable for you.

4) Depending on how much you deposited, you could exchange however much you want into bitcoin through the exchange.

Using Your Bitcoins to Place Sports Bets

You finally have your bitcoins and now you’re wondering how you use them to place bets in your favorite sports betting website. These three easy steps will get you started right away! Find the best sports books to place sports bets. My personal favorite is

1) After picking the sports book that you’ll be using, you will receive a deposit QR code upon signing up. This QR code will be accompanied with a bunch of letters and numbers that typically start with either a 1 or a 3.

2) Now go back to the exchange in which you purchased your bitcoins. You will have to go the withdrawal tab and locate where it says “destination address”.

3) Copy and Paste the deposit address you received from your sports book into the “destination address” on your exchange. This may take a couple of seconds.

You will now have funds in your favorite bitcoin sports book! Now feel free to place your bets however you like whether it’s parlays or straight bets. Safe betting! You will always want to make sure you have a sports betting strategy before you start your journey into the betting world.