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Most Common Sports Betting Mistakes

Don’t Commit These Sports Betting Fouls



Live betting on football and other sports has become one of the most popular features of online bookmaking and the trend is for it to increase. There is a general feature of live betting: you hardly ever find any value in this type of bet. It’s not impossible to find odds that are too high, but it can be tough. Bookmakers are very good at compiling live odds so you may only have a couple of seconds to place a bet at decent odds. Many professionals are looking for the same windows of opportunity and that quickly negates the value. Live bets illustrate perfectly the control bookmakers have over their customers.  The delay associated with live betting can be ten seconds or more. Millions of punters are probably screaming every weekend when their bets are rejected. You can forget placing a quick bet after a goal. Bookmakers have procedures to automatically close markets after significant events such as a goal, red card or the award of a penalty. Smart bets are places before the game begins. Don’t ever try to hedge your bet or double down with live odds. You will end up losing in the long running playing a large amount of live bets.


It’s fairly obvious why betting on your own team is not a good idea. Firstly, people tend to overestimate the potential performance capability of a team they support. Loyalty and faith make fans think their own side can beat anyone at any time. The reality is that you should never lose objectivity when betting. Never. The second thing is the pain is only increased when your team loses and you have placed a losing bet. You not only see the team you support drop points, but you also lose money.


The Welcome Bonus is a good thing, but it works both ways. It does provide more money for betting opportunities but involves some heavy betting requirements before a withdrawal is allowed. These conditions can lead to some risky bets. In most case the matched bonus is 100% of the initial deposit. However, both the bonus and the deposit must be wagered several times. Unfortunately bookies also set minimum odds restrictions and bets at shorter odds do not count. Bonus money or not, every bet should be calculated and smart. Sports betting is about playing the long game.


An increasing number of bookmakers are introducing a cash-out option which allegedly can have a positive effect on your betting. The theory is that customers cash-out their bets before a match has finished. This means you are paid out before the bet expires. Bookies say it can be a useful insurance against a losing bet if subsequently there is a red card and the opposition begins to dominate your selection. The feature can be beneficial when you placed a bet on the wrong team and you wish to correct the error.


Nothing is more important than good odds for your next event. If your bookie only offers average odds find one that is better in this area. We can not preach enough the importance of line shopping. Odds comparison helps in finding the best bookmaker and giving you the best bang for your buck. This process might take a couple of minutes but you avoid a situation of regrets about registering when you could locate a bookmaker that offers better odds. Beginners are not too concerned about odds, but this should change. You can consistently save ten to twenty dollars per bet and that adds up over the course of the season. Consider these small tips to the bookmaker you can control and avoid! Don’t get juiced to death and maximize your sports betting odds. Make sure to keep checking back to Cover The Spread 365 for sports betting tips and free predictions!

Sydney Hryniw
Sydney Hryniw
Sydney is an all around sport junkie who never misses any action. She will have all the information you need to make sure you bet the correct team.