Consistency of Sports Betting

Knowing When To Bet On Sports and When To Sit Out

Part of what makes betting and gambling so addictive and taxing on people’s lives is the concept that people either don’t know when to quit, or they try to break even with their betting and end up even further in the negative. As each day goes by, they try to bet as much as possible to recuperate their money as fast as possible with random bets on certain days. For example, someone may have an extensive knowledge of the NFL and they will bet frequently on that sport. However on a Thursday night, they will end up putting money on other games occurring such as hockey, basketball, baseball, etc. Even though they don’t know much about the other sports, the idea is the more they bet, the more they can get their money back. By doing this, they are essentially “forcing plays”.

The uncertainty of when to bet also contributes to the puzzlement people feel and have them constantly wondering whether to actually bet on a game or not. The adage that comes with betting is that if there is any hesitation, do not bet on the game. However, people throw that advice out the window for a number of reasons. Either they crave the action and the need to bet, or they routinely are hesitant about nearly every game and get annoyed when they don’t bet and their prediction occurs.

Throughout our betting careers, there have been ups and downs just like everyone else. There are games we can look back on and think, “why did i bet on that?” and games we pass by and wonder “why didn’t I bet on that?”. Nonetheless, we tend to forget quite easily about the contests that we end up not wagering on that would have made us lose money. In some cases, “saving a loss” is just as good as winning, but it is less memorable or fun to describe and brag about than a handsome win from a wager.

The More Games You Bet The Greater Your Odds Of Losing

In the final analysis, there is no perfect strategy that will help you succeed in the risks you take on betting. Combined with our yearning to have as much action as possible and to brag to others about how their knowledge is superior makes players frequently risk for the possible reward at the end. There are multiple tips and advice options out there for anyone to consider, but they aren’t anything helpful if the mind is made up on what to bet. Simply, there will be losses for every gambler the more you bet, and the law of averages sees to that. You need to have a plan and know when to bet and when to sit out. A bettor goes through their victories and defeats, but betting at the right place at the right time will give them the ultimate satisfaction.

Seamus Cole

Author: Seamus Cole

Seamus is a Florida native studying sports management in Massachusetts. His favorite sport is baseball, but his knowledge of all sports is quite extensive. Not only does he provides his readers with great statistics about a player or team, but he also isn't afraid to give his personal opinion or trust his instincts with a pick. Fortunately, the picks he makes are usually right.

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