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How To Master Sports Betting Totals

Master The Total On Sports Bets

 Many options have been created for sports bettors. You can place bets in favor or against the spread. partake in the money line option, or pick out of an array of weekly prop bets. When it comes to learning the craft of totals in sports betting, some things will stay the same , as others change. Keeping up with the stats is important , but bettors tend to ignore other important factors. The First effective evaluation you can use is the recent stats leading up to that game. Observe both team’s points, goals, or runs averaged per game , as well as checking the said total. It’s also crucial to check the specific team’s home, and road performances too. Making a point estimate  for the home, and visiting team will  give you a decent start.  Bookmakers have different projections for totals, which is great to compare, but shouldn’t influence your decision. Take in consideration that if your projections is miles off the common sports betting website then re-evaluating your decision would be helpful. Once you have made a projection based on stats, and previous performances, then more depth can be added to your decision. I do consider various things when  adjusting my total prediction  which include

Strength of each team’s defense

Strength of each team’s offense


Current win streaks

Results of previous match-ups 

  Evaluating the Offense, and defense is crucial to making a decision on the total. If a team usually performs well offensively but face a stifling defense, then the average output for the offense can be derailed. Watching the games, and viewing stats for each team will help with that decision.  Next you will need to the strength of the team playing on the road, and how far they have to travel. Weather also has an impact of the projections. Usually weather conditions that feature heavy rain, wind or snow usually projects a lower scoring game compared to average weather conditions.  Key positions like, Quarterbacks, Pitchers, and Goalies play a role in my reasoning for the total. Those said positions impact the game both offensively, and defensively.  The last factor to include is, the health of each team. If you don’t pay attention to the key players injured for both sides, then your bet can be thrown off to a certain degree. Teams without their regular starting QB usually fall under their average projections. The later weeks in the NFL are also dangerous, as some teams rest their starters if they are comfortable with their playoff position.

Mastering Sport Betting Totals

In-conclusion sports betting offers plenty of opportunities for bettors to use. With that being said it’s crucial to make a proper evaluation when making a final decision especially regarding the point total. Look above and beyond the basic stats, and analysis by doing your research from the team’s win streaks, injuries, home field advantage, weather, and previous match history to help bring it all together, and place a well thought out bet.


Jackson Obront
Jackson Obront
Jackson has always had a fascination with numbers and sports, so he's combined the two to become a handicapper and a blogger. He love's sports and love's writing about them. Using not just statistics and records, he uses common sense and conventional thinking. The opposite of what most bettors rely on--impulse wagering and following the norm. His articles are well-thought-out and well-researched.