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TOP 5 MLB Betting Tips


Baseball is one of the biggest betting sports in the country because of how many games are in a season. Here are 5 betting tips that will help you during the MLB season:

1.Betting on the “better team”

At the beggining of the MLB season, bettors would most likely pick the Boston Red Sox over the Kansas City Royals at the moment because the Red Sox are on a seven game winning streak, first in the AL East, and have a 16-2 record compared to the Royals who have a 3-15 record, and last in the AL Central. This could be a bad pick though. Because of the MLB’s long season the Royals could come back later in the season and have been more productive over the course of the season. Maybe the Red Sox pick up some unlucky injuries and this causes them to fall out of their early season triumphs. People just want to make a little more than they wager when they pick a team like the Red Sox, but if they would’ve picked the Royals they could have made 40% more of their earnings.

2. Steady Your Bets

People look at the MLB and see double the NBA games and 5x the NFL games to place bets. There are 2,430 games in the MLB season and people see this as a bigger opportunity to place bets. There is a possibility of having 10-13 games in a day and this can result in a lot of bets throughout that day. Even though there are a lot of games people rarely defeat the MLB’s odds. You need to make sure you place the bets on the games that you feel the most confident on that, so you do not lose your money.

3. Famous Teams Don’t Always Win

Betting on the Yankees, Cubs, or Red Sox doesn’t always make you money. Even though these are some of the biggest organizations in baseball, they do not always perform well. Also betting companies see these big clubs and lower the raise the odds lower the odds and you would make less money. You might want to look into the bottom 5 least popular teams like the Marlins, Indians, or White Sox. These teams will help raise odds and possibly make more money while betting.

4. Baseball Parlays

Betting on parlays can bring big payouts. Even having a 2 team parlay at 13:5 odds can bring up to a $250 payout. These parlays can grow up to a 10 team parlay with 825:1 odds and you could walk out with a massive $82,500 profit. People don’t usually do parlays because they are risky, but if you want to live life on the edge for a little, these parlays are where people make the big bucks.

5. Shop the Lines

Another mistake MLB betters make is failing to shop the lines. Most betting companies are really close together with their odds, but sometimes they vary. A 8% difference is not that big with small winnings, but imagine if you keep winning those small bets and all the profit you will be making in the long run. The best way to open up your eyes is making accounts on several different sites and see how their odds fluctuate. This can help you catch favorable lines that can change during the day as well.


Keeping up with the MLB can be tedious but with the right tools you can become a better bettor and make a larger profit over the long run. Remember these 5 easy tips when placing your next bet and you will see money coming into your pocket.