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Ryder Cup Recap

Ryder Cup 2018 Review

The Ryder Cup is what most people thought it would be. The Europeans came into the week with what many thoughts were the inferior team. The Ryder Cup is a team event and for some reason when the United States travels to Europe they forget that. The reason why Europe is always a threat no matter who is on the teams. They had an advantage in knowing the golf course and some will say that the Americans had injuries and illnesses. The United States struggled as they always have on European soil which they haven’t won there since 1993.

At the opening ceremonies on Thursday it was clear that the fans were there too but the US on notice. As the players were called they booed Masters champion Patrick Read because as he was known last year as Captain America and he beat Rory McIlroy and mocked him a little bit. The one member that they did cheer was Tiger Woods. He liked Bobby Jones wasn’t a fan favorite at first but after a while, they adopted him as a fan favorite. Tiger just came off his first win since 2015 at the Tour Championship last week in Atlanta, Georgia. The United States thought they had the team to finally win in Europe.

On Friday as the Ryder Cup began the United States got off to a good start winning 3 of the 4 matches. When the format shifted to foursomes where the player’s alternate shots until the ball are holed out is where the European team started their victory. They would sweep the afternoon matches and would go into the second day up 5 to 3. As Saturday play started it was that Europe came to win and the United States forgot to play. The European team would be 10-6 which means they won 5 out of the 8 matches. It put them in the driver’s seat for Sunday singles they only needed 4 ½ points to win the cup back.

As the first three matches looked good for the United States as they won 2 and halved another one. What that meant is that Europe only needs to win 4 matches to obtain the cup back. The first European win would come in the fourth match as Jon Rahm would defeat Tiger Woods. The European fans were happy no matter how this match came out. The European team would win 6 out of the remaining 8 matches. The Cup would not leave Europe in the United States hands. The United States will have to scratch their heads and figure out how they win the Cup in the future when it is played outside the USA.

The mistake that captain Jim Furyk was not putting Phil Mickelson out with foursomes matches and not partners. Mickelson has struggled all year with his accuracy and that is not favored to play in matches where the player needs to accurate. In the end, the European team proved that it is a team event, and everyone must be there to play. Europe knows that the US struggles on their soil and if they can win on US soil which will be done in two years in 2020. Look for the United States to try to once again as they have in the past to rebound at Whistling Straights in Wisconsin.