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Sports Betting with Bitcoin

sports betting with bitcoin

The Benefits of Using Bitcoin For Sports Betting

The thrill of sports-betting keeps the industry thriving even through the many restrictions placed around the U.S. These restrictions however put several inconveniences to online betters. Difficulty of withdrawals and anonymity are two of the biggest threats to the online sports-betting industry. Even the most seasoned sports betters attest to the difficulties they have in attaining ease of withdrawal and anonymity. Bitcoin puts those two threats to rest.

So what is Bitcoin? In short, Bitcoin is just an open source currency that is being exchanged digitally. By allowing Bitcoin to come into play with sports betting, withdrawal fees are little to none. By completely removing all third-party middlemen such as PayPal or Visa, Bitcoin is able to remove these transaction fees and is even able to process your transactions faster. In comparison to the traditional two to three week process of receiving a check from a foreign bank, Bitcoin takes only ten minutes to get confirmed by the network and send your money.

Furthermore, due to the regulations of sports betting like in the U.S, many people would like to keep their anonymity when making transactions. Sports betting betting is not allowed in many states, and giving anonymity allows these people to engage in sports betting without trouble. Bitcoin’s decentralized encryption network makes it impossible to track anyone who conducted in online sports betting.

Emergence of Cryptocurrency In Sports Betting

Bitcoin does not come without flaw however. The stability of Bitcoin’s currency can be extremely volatile in comparison to the USD. It is possible that the currency of the Bitcoin could change a substantial amount in the middle of a bet. This could make many wagers hesitant to put money in as their bets could either be more than they intended to bet or less than what they wanted it to. Moreover, it’s possible that a person can lose money even after winning a bet as the fall in currency could be more than the money earned from a bet. This is indeed a problem, but many choose to overlook this as the pros of using Bitcoins outweighs the cons.

Using this currency should not intimidate you in the least. It’s extremely easy to use and it provides many benefits when it comes to sports betting. With a little bit of research on Bitcoin, anyone should be capable to use this new currency to perfection. In addition to being a pivotal medium for sports betting, Bitcoin could also prove to be a great investment! Maybe it’s time for you to join ship in the hottest currency on the market for sports betting! It is imperative to have a sports betting strategy when jumping into the wild wild west of betting.