Sports Betting Tips: Handicapping Styles

Styles of Sports Handicapping

Most gamblers do not realize that handicapping is one of the aspects of sports betting that is the least understood.

People who sell sports predictions try to make this term sound harder than it’s supposed to be. Most people would call three standard techniques either technical or fundamental handicapping, but that is not how it works. They are known as statistical, situational and trend-based handicapping.

Statistical Handicapping

This first strategy is defined as the process where the handicapper comes up with selections based on available stats. Whether they are creative or go down to the nitty-gritty, it’s up him or her to decide which ones will help create those selections. Neither plays will be alike nor results will end in the same way. Each one takes the number of statistics each sport has, whether those stats relate to past or present performances, and creates their own calculations. The schedules of a sport and the removal of guesswork also affects the final selection process, making it easier to figure out what will the handicapper use.

Situational Handicapping

There are two different definitions for this second technique. The Bang the Book website says the term is defined by looking at how teams have done in past situations similar to the one that a particular team is in today and the additional aspects of playing a game, such as travel and time changes, letdown and look-ahead games, etc.

Handicappers will look at personal preference when looking at different factors just like in statistical handicapping. Also, the results will not determine who is right or wrong, but what each one believes is important. The Boyd’s Bets website says that the key to this process is to find a profitable idea, then expand it using variables like overtimes, streaks, conference, division, etc. However, he or she must find out with ones are the most important to use and why. They can take statistics from past or present performances and do their calculations to insure their bet will not let them down.

Trend-Based Handicapping

Trend-based handicapping concerns only one particular team. It is also capable of expanding to a particular division, conference or other subset of a league. There will be more agreements between handicappers because there would be fewer variables to consider, such as a team’s performance in a head-to-head matchup. This gets a lot of mixed reviews because people might not know if the information and stats they gather is meaningful. It could be that way, for example, if they were looking at a team’s winning or losing streak or a coach’s overall records, which ultimately change as a season approaches its end.

There is no correct or incorrect with selections, which makes handicapping more of an art than a science. Cover The Spread 365 team is built on all three foundations, we do not bet or wager more on one type of handicapping sports strategy.

Giovanna Morales

Author: Giovanna Morales

Giovanna continues to attentively manage trends, allocate risk and with her reward maximization style, has enabled her operation's success to remain consistently a winning record season after season. A tremendous amount of time is taken handicapping the games, utilizing many factors to determine the outcomes. The combination of time backed technical systems with situational and fundamental idealogies, provide a clear cut advantage. She delivers time and time again and will make a winner!

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