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A sport fans guide to bitcoin betting


If you are a major sports fan more than likely you enjoy the satisfaction of betting on your favorite teams. With Bitcoin being the most popular cryptocurrency, there now is a new way to excel in sports betting, making it that much easier.

Whether you are new to Bitcoin betting or a regular, there are some elements that you should understand. Bitcoins are an exclusive way to be able to make fluent and mostly free transactions among sports bettors.Although Bitcoin is gaining an abundance of popularity it still has its cons like everything else in life. Before I let you in on the cons I will talk about the positive aspects of using Bitcoins.Besides the fact that Bitcoin is completely in on the betting and gambling world, it also carries many pros that make it that much more desirable.


The most important factor of Bitcoins is its safe transactions. Bitcoins are secure to use and require no third party. All transactions are safely done through player transaction codes, and that eradicate possible identity thefts. Therefore Bitcoin betting is not harmful in any way.

Fast and Efficient:

The next pro of Bitcoin using is its efficiency. Using Bitcoins makes transactions a lot faster, and is pretty easy to do. The wait time is less than any other banking methods since transactions are done from wallet to wallet. The entire process is easy and versatile and can all be done on a mobile device


The first bonus is that there are little to no transactions fees when using Bitcoins. In fact most websites have no transaction fees. With Bitcoins you are also almost guaranteed some sort of bonus.The different Bitcoin websites offer different types of bonuses. For example, Bovada includes an unlimited reload bonus of up to $250.The cons to using Bitcoins are very mild, and do not drastically change much.

Decrease in Value:

Since you are using Bitcoins as a payment method, it is possible that overtime the currency value could decrease leaving you with less money. This issue will only occur if the wait period is long enough for a currency to lose its value.


Due to Bitcoins being so new it is exposed to large fluctuations. In January 8, 2017 there was a major decrease. It started at $942 and by the 11 of January the new price was $752. The drop was one of 40%.

For sports betters, the pros prevail the cons making Bitcoins a great option. Bitcoins work best when you leave your currency in for a short amount of time. When thinking about sports betting using Bitcoins, think of all the pros and try to find the website that best fits what you are looking for. You can find the top rated websites in the link below.

Best Websites for Bitcoin Sports Betting

Takora McIntyre
Takora McIntyre
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