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Top 5 Sportsbooks in Las Vegas

Top 5 Las Vegas Places To Bet on Sports

The very second a professional sports season begins, there is arguably nothing better than entering the world of sportsbooks and finding strangers who talk just as much trash as you do.  The city of Las Vegas itself contains the best of the best, with Sunday mornings beginning with a full slate of professional football that constantly keeps these enthusiasts on the edge of their seats.

It may seem easy to eliminate the idea of a sportsbook and just hit up one of the seemingly millions of casinos in Sin City, but the sports world is a whole other world of crazy, maniacal people who just cannot wrap their heads around ever missing a field goal or a horse not galloping fast enough.

Here, we will break down the top five sportsbooks in Vegas, and why each of them is a good place to go if you’d like to (healthily) lose your mind.

  1. Wynn

– Located in the heart of the Vegas casinos, Wynn Sportsbook is one of the fancier options a bettor has.  Recently renovated and modernized, Wynn’s 52 big screens, each 50 inches or more, are reason enough to spend all day with your eyes glued to touchdowns and tackles.  And if you’re big on horse racing, every August there is a Horse Racing Contest with $100,000 in guaranteed prizes.  Giddy up.

Wynn Last Vegas Sportsbook
  1. Circus Circus

– Circus Circus is cozy and intimate, but just as competitive as the big dogs.  The sportsbook itself only seats 30, so spending the day with only 29 other people and the endless variety of sports can inevitably lead to some personal hits and jabs to the mental aspect of sports that everyone craves.

Circus Circus Sportsbook, Las Vegas
  1. Planet Hollywood

– Anyone who desires the potential for fame but can’t seem to find it can attempt to enjoy the stardom that lies on the 75 black and red leather lounge chairs in Planet Hollywood.  Host of huge events like the Super Bowl and the Kentucky Derby, those that enjoy a good sports betting party will not be able to resist.  And if you’re really looking to splurge, check out the roped-off VIP area.  Rumor has it the plush couches are to die for.

Planet Hollywood Sportsbook, Las Vegas
  1. Red Rock

– If you can’t handle constant television, Red Rock may not be the place for you.  It is literally impossible to escape the phenomenon of blue light, considering TVs are found on every wall.  213 monitors later and this sportsbook has you wondering how you ever existed without endless television, giveaways, individual terminals for pony enthusiasts, and the adjacent and delicious Bagel Café when you need to eat your losses away.

Red Rock Sportsbook, Las Vegas
  1. Harrah’s

– A sportsbook by day and a club-like atmosphere by night, Harrah’s has it all.  The warm and inviting burgundy and brown couches are the place to be for games and races; add a few of the stereotypical casino games and music videos that accentuate the night life playing on a 10 by 12 foot big screen and it is safe to say you’re living the dream.  And I must add that the buffet is absolutely irresistible; splurge one morning and drown yourself in all the bacon and pastries you can handle.

Harrah’s Sportsbook