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Transitioning Bets From Football To Basketball Season



The average sports fan knows what winter usually means: football season is coming to an end. With only the Playoffs Super Bowl remaining, the fans turn their attention to the basketball betting board. Each year, the NBA faces new leading scorers and winning teams. Here is a quick recap for bettors to catch up on the first two months of the NBA season.

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The Cavs Still Own The East

Recently, winning 19 of their 21 games, the Eastern conference champions had a 5-7 start to their year. Their overall ATS is 11-20-1, but their home floor is 2-14-1. Yet, people are still betting for Cleveland. The big names like LeBron James  and Tristan Thompson help sports fans gravitate towards betting on the Cavs even more. Their starting lineup is new, with some key players being benched. Yet, it’s their name and fan-base that keep the betters coming back. The Cavs are anticipating a bumpy season, but that doesn’t seem to stop any fans betting on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Rockets = Winning

With the first seed in the Western Conference, the Houston Rockets are balling their way to the top. The new addition of Chris Paul has added to the list of “big” names on the team, like James Harden. Currently, the team is 10-5-1 with both Paul and Harden on the court. Both names attract a lot of fans, and a lot of betters. It’s safe to say, this team will be attracting a fair amount of board bets throughout their season.


The Celtics Downfall

In the beginning of the season, the Boston Celtics were on fire. They had a 21-10-2 ATS, with a 16-game winning streak when the season started. Now, the Celtics are 3-6-1 this month, suffering losses from big teams like the Bulls and the Jazz. The Celtics are still good, but they could start to lose their betters if their losing streak continues.

Golden State Warriors: Still The Best NBA Team

This NBA team has it all, from being defending champions to owning some of the biggest names in the NBA.  Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Draymond Green are three of the players that are always recognized with the Warriors, part of the reason why so many people are attracted to the team. All three are currently in and out, and are in no rush to play the entire season.

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Bettor’s Biggest Disappointment: OKC

The Oklahoma City Thunder are struggling this season. They are amongst the worst ATS bets in the NBA league. Even with their two new additions of Carmelo Anthony and Paul George, things are not improving. The lowest point for the team occurred from November-December, with a 1-11 ATS run. With no improvements near, the star studded Thunder have an unsuccessful season ahead of them if they don’t change things.

Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown
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