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Winter Olympics 2018 Pyeong Chang South Korea Betting Odds and Cheat Sheet

Winter Olympic Betting Odds

Cheat Sheet For 2018 Winter Olympics Betting


Don’t fret just because football is over. You may have the Super Bowl blues, but we found your fix starting today! We now have the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, it’s in South Korea if you were still unsure. It may perhaps be the coldest Winter Olympics in history. Also you have Russia missing in action after numerous athletes were caught doping.  You probably missed the opening ceremony because you were sleeping, but the action kicks off today and will last just over a couple weeks.

We understand you probably didn’t have too much time to dive into learning about almost 3,000 athletes and 92 countries participating in various winter olympic events. Now you may have an extremely difficult time trying to place Live Olympic bets unless you choose to for go sleep. Consider Cover The Spread 365 your olympic trainer to help guide you in navigating your way to winning money and collecting those gold medals! We supply you with the latest and most popular events people across the nation are wagering on.

Consider this your 2018 Winter Olympic PyeongChang Betting Odds Cheat sheet!


Men’s Ice Hockey

Dates: February 10th-25th


Perhaps the most popular Winter Olympic Betting sport will center around the Men’s Ice Hockey competition. This will be taking place at the Gangneung Hockey Centre, Kwandong Hockey Centre. Don’t expect to see any NHL players participating in this years Olympics as they were deemed ineligible. You will need to do your homework on the KHL, Continental Hockey League as thats where the majority of the participants compete.

This event may hold the biggest favorite which should be no surprise to anyone with previous Olympic hockey knowledge, but it’s the Olympic Athletes of Russia, which is super odd, can’t we just say Russia? They clearly have the most talent across the board including three All-Stars Ilya Kovalchuk, Vadim Shipachyov and Pavel Datsyuk. The Olympic Athletes of Russia boasts a total of 15 players coming from the KHL.

If you didn’t want to ride the outright favorite for this event, Sweden is barely ahead of Canada (+400) as the runner up in terms of odds at +350. This should be an interesting battle between Canada to see who ultimately secures the silver medal.  The Sweds are not anywhere as deep as the Russians, excuse me Olympic Athletes of Russia, but they may have the best defensive unit in the winter games. Goalie Jhonas Enroth, an ex-NHLer paired with the #1 prospect Rasmus Dahlin which will make it difficult for anyone to score. Two time defending Olympic Canadians were the team that got hit the hardest by not being allowed to represent any NHL stars.

In reality, its very tough to take anyone besides the Olympic Athletes of Russia as they should have no problem getting plenty of shots on goal in every contest.


Women’s Ice Hockey

Dates: February 10th-21st



We listed a bunch of teams above when we gave the Women’s Ice Hockey Odds, but you can throw them all out the window. This has historically been a two way competition for as long as we can remember. United States and Canada have combined for a shocking 9 out of 10 gold/silver combos over the past ten competitions. Canada has been the four-time defending gold medal winner, but acquiring that 5th gold medal may be a daunting feat. Perhaps the biggest hurdle might be having such a young Canadian squad this year with only Meaghan Mikkelson and Meghan Agosta providing experience.

United States come in as a significant favorite over Canada considering last year they only captured a silver medal. But recently this American hockey squad has dominated every recent competition by a wide margin. They have captured four world championships and the last couple Nations Cups. This game will come down to both countries playing for gold and silver.  Anything can happen along the way with injuries throughout the tournament. It may be best to just wait until these teams meet for gold to perhaps capture slightly better odds.


Snowboarding Half-Pipe (Mens & Womens)

Dates: February 19th-22th



This is quickly becoming one of the most popular events at the Winter Olympics mainly due to the success of Shaun White. So Phoenix Park may have some of the biggest crowds on hand to watch these snowboarded hit the half-pipe. As an event that started as an X-Games event less then 20 years ago has grown into arguably one highlights of the entire Olympics.

Shaun White is looking to bounce back after being left out of the podium four years ago in Russia. However, he stands as the favorite this year even though he had a recent accident while training in New Zealand just a mere four months ago. Hirano is expected to be his biggest competitor to fight for the gold medal. In Sochi Hirano captured a silver and will be hungry to win it all.

On the women’s side Chloe Kim is a huge favorite and with tons of reasons, she’s a superstar! Only 17 years old Kim is a four-time X-Games Champion and theirs really no one who can even come close to matching her skill set. Don’t put too much thought in any other competitor.


Individual Figure Skating

Dates: February 9th-23th

Mens Odds:

Womens Odds:


Figure skating is often looked as one of the stable events of the Winter Olympics. Historically, Japan and Russia are found atop of the podium when the medals are handed out. But when it comes to the sport of figure skating, one tiny slip out can take you out of medal position. Neither U.S. men or women have separated themselves from the pack whatsoever. Hanyu is the slight men’s favorite as he has excelled in Montreal and Moscow in recent figure skating competitions. On the Women’ end, Medvedeva is solid favorite even coming off of a leg injury just this season. So comes in to the Winter Olympics with three recent wins and a 2nd place finish at the European Championship.


Winter Olympics 2018 – Most Gold Medals

Dates: February 10th-22nd



Most novice Olympic bettors would think the United States are favorites when in reality Norway is the clear favorite. We would be shocked to see the US capturing the most medals especially as the currently sit way back in third place. Norway has so many skiing events that they should clean up throughout the next couple weeks. Germany will be a formidable opponent and it will be interesting to see how this turns out. The first 10 days will tell the tale as Norway should jump out to a signfiicant lead and will just need to hang on.


Total Number Of U.S. Gold Medals



This one should come down to the wire and it might actually hang in the balance of Shaun White and the most exciting Olympic event. Be cautious if betting on this feat as we typically do not excel as well as we do in the Summer Olympics.  However, let these next couple weeks of Olympic competition entertain us as we get ready for March Madness!


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