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Sports Betting Not Yet Legalized In Louisiana

The state of Louisiana currently doesn’t offer gambling on sports. Lawmakers weren’t able to pass a bill in 2019, to allow legalize sports betting in the state. Louisiana is one of the few states that have banned online gambling.

In the state the people who want to place bets can only do so on a select number of things. In Louisiana, bettors are allowed to bet on horse racing. They are also allowed to bet on Billiards, and they say that is a skilled game. Betting on sports is illegally in the state of Louisiana.

A lot of people who want to bet on sports in this state are forced to do so online. Under there laws a person betting on sports online can be punished with a fine or possible face jail time.

Louisiana is currently working on legislation to try and push towards the complete legalization of sports in the state. It would benefit the state if they legalized sports betting before the start of the upcoming NFL season.