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Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens

NFL Playoffs: AFC Divisional Round

Tennessee Titans  (9-7) vs. Baltimore Ravens (14-2)

Saturday, Jan 11. 2020 @ 8:15 p.m. ET on CBS (M&T Bank Stadium)

Moneyline: Titans +360, Ravens -450

Over/Under: 47; Ravens –10 (-450)

Derrick Henry and the Tennessee Titans head to Baltimore to take on Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in the AFC Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. The Baltimore Ravens ended their regular season off a 12-game winning streak, finishing 2nd in total offense and 4th in total defense. Tennessee advance to the divisional round after a 20-13 win against the New England Patriots and looking for their sixth win in eight games.

Titans Must Slow Down Jackson and the Ravens

In last week’s matchup against the Patriots, Tennesse moved the ball greatly, all thanks to RB Derrick Henry. Henry had 38 carries for 182 yards and a touchdown. The Titans defense’ also limited QB Tom Brady, as he threw for 209 yards, 0 touchdowns, and an interception. This time, however, the defense will have to face an even greater opponent: Lamar Jackson.

Week after week, Jackson is exposing defenses, making it nearly impossible for them to figure out how to stop him. This weekend is Tennessee’s chance to stop Jackson, as well as the overall running game at his tracks. Stopping the Ravens early and consistently will open up more opportunities for the Titans offense to shine.

The Titans will need Henry as well as QB Ryan Tannehill to carry the load this weekend, as Tannehill threw only 72 yards against the Patriots last week.

Everything is on Lamar Jackson to Win

Last season when QB Lamar Jackson played in the playoffs, he was a rookie playing against the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers put the clamps on the rookie, resulting in a Ravens 23-17 loss.

This season, Jackson is making NFL history at just 23 years old. Jackson is the only player in NFL history with at least 3,000 passings yards and 1,000 rushing yards in a single season. He also leads the league in touchdowns (36) and QBR (81.9). Even with all the buzz surrounding him about becoming the MVP and much more, Jackson remains poised and ready to take on the next opponent. This game is crucial for Jackson to prove all the doubters wrong and lead his team closer to an SB title.

After suffering a calf injury in Week 16, RB Mark Ingram II is expected to return for Saturday’s game. Having Jackson and a healthy Ingram on the ground will make it even more difficult for Tennessee’s defense to make stops.

Final Verdict

Saturday’s game between the Titans and Ravens will be a straight ground and red-zone game. Expect to see both teams constantly run the ball into the red zone for scores. Also expect to see a ground battle between Henry and Jackson. Since Tennessee will focus so much on stopping Jackson, this will give Baltimore the edge to win this game, as they will force Tannehill to throw the ball more, as well as give the running game more chances to score.

Ravens -10