Tips for Winning Daily Fantasy Baseball

Tips For Winning Your Next Daily Fantasy Baseball League


Baseball season is in full swing, with the dog days of Summer upon us, here are some tips to win your next daily fantasy baseball league.

  1. If you are looking to make the most amount of money possible while betting the smallest amount possible, enter the single entry tournaments. The biggest one’s will have as many as 20,000 other entries, making for a sizable winning sum. Your odds will be smaller, but the prizes will be bigger.
  2. The bigger your entry fee, the smaller the contest size will be. While this is a riskier approach because you will be betting a larger amount of money, the playing field is smaller and your odds will be better.
  3. Stack your offense. This is where you will get a majority of your points. One thing to avoid however may be picking two bats from the same team. If that team is not producing runs as a whole, it is going to sink your ship pretty quickly.
  4. Try and find that one bat you can get for a low price that has a chance to do some damage. It is important to always try and find one rough in the diamond when picking your team, try and pay attention to players on hitting streaks or who get on base a lot. Also look into their numbers against the opposing pitcher.
  5. Find a random bat. This is similar to number four, put pay attention to the guys few know about. Pay attention to where they are hitting in the lineup, what ballpark they’re playing at, what kind of offense their team normally has. All it takes is one good game for your risk to payoff.
  6. It’s OK to not feel OK about your lineup. Whether or not the data shows your lineup is favorable or not, don’t always listen to the data.
  7. Grab the pitcher that nobody wants. It is important to nail your pitching, but this doesn’t mean you always need to have the ace. Look at the pitchers matchup against the team that he is pitching against, how far into games he typically goes, these are the type of numbers that can make or break your lineup.
Sam Pirozzi
Sam Pirozzi
Born and raised in the greater Boston area, Sam has had a passion for sports his entire life and is a die hard Boston sports fan. Majoring in communications at Curry College, he has experience in all areas of multimedia, including but not limited to: Radio, Television, Writing and play-by-play of various sports. Sam can be found on twitter under the username @SamPirozzi1