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2019 Minnesota State Betting Laws, 07-18-2019

Upon reviewing Minnesota’s state gambling laws, the gaming is not as limited as a few other states, with allowing bingo, raffles, the state lottery itself, horse racing, darts, and billiards. Plus, private, social bets are legal as well. These types of bets cannot have connections to commercialized gambling corporations or establishments. Also, gambling is legal…

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Sports Betting in Minnesota and Missouri

Minnesota and Missouri are some of the newer states to consider legalizing sports betting. Representative Pat Garofalo has been the strongest supporter of the sports betting bill drafted on April 2018. The bill didn’t go anywhere. However, Garofalo is now trying to push for a new sports betting bill to be passed. He is working…

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The State of Gambling in Minnesota

The United States Supreme Court ruled in the case Murphy vs. National Collegiate Athletic Association Monday that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act is illegal by its violation of the 10th Amendment. The 10th Amendment, the last of the Bill of Rights, says any power not given to the federal government is given to…

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