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The Current State of Sports Betting in Oregon

Each state has it’s own twist on their sports betting laws and restrictions and Oregon is no different in this case. Before states were allowed to decide if sports betting is legal within their state, Oregon used to have a betting game called Sports Action through the Oregon Lottery. Sports Action did have a lot of restrictions and single game bets were not available, only a parlay format for NFL betting. The NBA was available to bet on as well until the NBA filed a lawsuit and had the state remove Sports Action from NBA betting.

If you like gambling, Oregon is one of the more gambling friendly states in the nation for both online and physical gambling. Oregon has decided to stick with their lottery method of controlling the sports betting market and has an exclusive app where players can bet from their mobile devices. Players have a wide variety on what they can bet on, anything from the NFL to the olympics. There is a restriction, however players are not allowed to bet on NCAA games through the online sports book, however they can go to tribal casinos and bet on college sports in person. Although the only way to bet on NCAA sports is though in person betting, although a lottery spokesperson claimed that the state is having discussions of pushing NCAA betting onto their online sports book.

There are a few other restrictions as well when it comes to gambling in Oregon. Online casinos are illegal in Oregon so if your looking to gamble online you can only bet on skill-based games from action to puzzle based games. This is one of the only drawbacks of gambling in Oregon as you won’t legally be allowed to gamble playing online poker within the state. Some players from Oregon will use illegal off-shore sites to gamble online, however that is not recommended due to the lack of regulation. There is no guarantee you will receive your winnings from an unregulated site, as well as the fact that it is against the law to play from illegal websites.

Gambling, especially sports gambling is not always an easy thing to do in America, depending on which state you are in. Overall Oregon gambling is mostly accessible online and the restrictions on NCAA gambling is strictly in person for the moment, however for the most part gambling is seamless and easy in Oregon which you can not say for some other states. You can access all forms of gambling and even gamble on licensed horse and dogs races if you so choose. The options are almost endless and Oregon has done a solid job of regulating the market within their state and allowing their residents the option to gamble legally if they so choose.