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The State of Sports Betting In New Hampshire

In July of 2019, sports betting in New Hampshire officially became legal, however in a somewhat limited capacity. The expected revenue for sports betting within the state of New Hampshire is expected to generate at least 11 million within the year 2021. New Hampshire has been very careful in how they want to regulate the market and has finally decided to legalize sports betting in the state, however the state is not allowing anyone to obtain a sports betting license within the state.

Before the law was passed to allow sports betting in the state through DraftKings, some legislatures wanted to attach New Hampshire sports betting to legislation which never came to fruition. After government officials went back and forth on how the state should regulate the sports gambling market in New Hampshire, the NH government finally came to an agreement. New Hampshire has allowed the DraftKings sports book as the only legal way to gamble on sports within the State. This means that absolutely nobody can apply for a sports betting license within the state. DraftKings will split 50% of the adjusted revenue with the state in order to have exclusivity within the sports betting of New Hampshire. All professional and collegiate teams will be available for betting, the only restriction being in-state college teams will not be available for betting within the State.

New Hampshire was the first state to have a lottery, in which it was established in 1964. A portion of the proceeds go to educational programs as well as charity. Although the lottery has been around for a while, sports betting in New Hampshire is brand new to the state as the DraftKings mobile sports book was available to residents at the start of 2020. Along with the new law, people age 18 and older will be able to access the DraftKings sports betting sports book.

Although sports betting is legal in the state, in-play betting is only allowed online and can not be placed in person. There were some concerns with Tavern owners however, as they were concerned that a customer might watch the game at their establishment and place bets through a mobile app. This is ultimately the majority pf what is going to happen as the retail locations for sports betting is going to be extremely limited within the state. Although owners would like to bring in the revenue from sports bets, it would be quite difficult to keep up with in-play bets as they are very fast paced and harder to do in person rather than an app with live updates.

Another way New Hampshire residents can bet on sports is through the New Hampshire Lottery Commission, which is the group tasked with regulating the industry within the state. The state however does have other restrictions on gambling, specifically the legal age of racing and poker is 21. New Hampshire also does not have slot or gaming machines within they’re casinos and are more table game oriented. There will also be a few in-person locations for residents to place bets, which makes it more available for New Hampshire residents looking to place bets.